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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Monday 17th May 2021



Good morning, I hope you have had a lovely, relaxing weekend! Today is our final day of learning from home! I can't wait to be back at school with you all tomorrow! 


Here is your daily ten to get you started this morning!


Here is your arithmetic. It is important you join the live lesson as we are starting a new focus this week. Missing number problems! 


This week we are starting to look at geometry. Join the live lesson to find out all about our learning today ready to complete your challenges!


This week our SPaG lessons will be focussing on spelling. Join the live lesson to get your new spellings for the week and to complete today's challenges!





As it is the start of a new week we are starting a new genre. Join our live lesson to find out all about it!


This week in flow our focus is sentence types. Join the live lesson to determine when to use each different one!






Here is today's reading challenges. There will be teaching on our Teams live lesson that will help with this!


Today we are continuing our work on William Gilbert. 

I would like you to draw a portrait of him as your challenge for this afternoon. 

Remember all of your sketching skills! 
These will be going in your afternoon curriculum books when we are back at school.

Learn how to draw portraits - How to draw a face step-by-step

How to Draw Human Faces Step by Step