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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning and happy Monday! We are going to have a fabulous week of learning! Remember to keep sending us photos of your work by email or on to Class Dojo - try and use the portfolio setting! It's brilliant for uploading work! If you want any help on this, let us know! 



First of all this morning, after a relaxing weekend, we would like you to start the day by waking yourselves up and having a go at this video! 

Wake Up - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle



This week we are starting a new topic 'word families' 

Watch the lesson video below and then complete your activities.

Monday SPaG Lesson


Here is today's English lesson - by the end of this week you will have written your very own chapter for our class text The Queen's Nose. Remember keep presentation beautiful and write just as much as you would do in school!


English Lesson


Catch up with some of the latest news on Newsround, get outside if you can, play a game and get a drink and a snack! Have 15 minutes away from doing work! 






Today for arithmetic there is a video explaining this weeks arithmetic topic with an explanation of the method! For the rest of the week you will just get the questions uploaded everyday for you to complete. 

You can always come back to this video to help you! 







This week in maths we are starting a new topic money. Watch today's video with Miss French and complete your challenges! 

Maths Lesson


You've worked so hard this morning! Now it's time for lunch!






Now you've had lunch, it's time for reading skills with Mrs Edwards! 


Below is the video you will need to watch that will help you and then under that are the things you need!




- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.




Today is our first lesson on Ancient Egypt. Watch the video with Miss French carefully. 

You have 2 tasks to complete - make notes and then turn these into sentences.

First watch this video!

Introducing Ancient Egypt | History - Lost Lands

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The third of seven films introducing life in ancient civilisations. Nefa, a priest in training, shows us ancient Egyptian buildi...

Encompass Lesson with Miss French


Every afternoon we will be focusing on our health and wellbeing! Things are incredibly strange at the moment so it's important that we take time to look after ourselves. 


These activities will need to be sent to Miss French and Mrs Edwards as well, just like everything else.


First have a go at this video:


Bring It Down - Flow | GoNoodle



As always, lets end the day with a story. 

Miss French has chosen this story for us to end the day with! 




Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O'Dowd