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Week Ending Friday 29th November 2019 96.8%

Meet the Staff

The Waterside Primary School Staffing Structure 2018-19

Last Updated: February 2019


Our Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher Mrs Joanne Knowles

Attainment and Pupil Progress

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Performance Management Lead

Senior Leadership Development Lead

Innovation and Strategic Director

Teaching and Learning Leader

Business Manager / PA to Head Teacher Mrs Claire Alcock

School HR Manager

Business and Finance Manager

PA to the Head Teacher

Marketing Manager

CPD Lead

Senior Assistant Head Teacher Miss Jane Gaskell

Pupil Progress Leader - Pupil Premium / Intervention Lead

Curriculum Leader

Teaching and Learning Leader

Behaviour Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Bullying / E Safety Lead

Trainee Teacher Professional Mentor

Assistant Head Teacher (0.7(FFT) Mrs Samantha Fraser

EYFS Strategic Leader

Deputy Delegated Safeguarding Lead- Whole School

EYFS Data and Progress leader

EYFS Behaviour Lead 

Teaching and Learning Leader

Assistant Head Teacher (0.7FTT) Mrs Louise Willis

Strategic Inclusion Leader (EAL / SEN / LAC / G & T)

Early Help Champion

Deputy Delegated Safeguarding Lead- Inclusion and Medical

Our Safeguarding and Community Cohesion Team


Safeguarding Team  

Mrs Joanne Knowles

Designated Safeguarding Leader, Radicalisation and Extremism Lead

Safeguarding Team

Miss Jane Gaskell

Deputy Safeguarding Lead Parental Engagement Champion

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Samantha Fraser/Louise Willis

Delegated Safeguarding Leader

Safeguarding Team

Mrs Sam Mason

Early Help and Multi Agency Champion

Safeguard Support to Head/SLT

Nurture and Positive Play

Pupil Voice Champion, Nurture Lead and Schools CAHMS Counsellor

Safeguarding Team

In the absence of the Head Teacher /DHT – The Assistant Head teachers have Deputy delegated responsibility for Safeguarding.

Our Teachers


EYFS Teacher

Miss Hollie Davis

Early Years Lead Teacher

EYFS Teacher

Miss Lucy Newbon

Early Years Teacher /Trainee

EYFS Teacher

Mrs Sam Fraser

Early Years  Leader. Asst Head.

Key Stage 1 Teacher

Mrs Tara Bickerton

Year 1 Teacher (Dragonflies)

Key Stage 1 Teacher

MIss Steph Booth

Year 1/2  Teacher (Kingfishers) NQT

Key Stage 1 Teacher

Mrs Ros Edwards

Year 2 Teacher (Otters) SMSC & RE lead. KS1 Phase Leader

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Miss Nicole Smith

Year 3 Teacher (Turtles)

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Miss Holly French

Year 3/4 (Octopus) NQT

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Mr Gareth Tooth

Year 4 (Jellyfish) PE and Computing Lead

Key Stage 2 Teacher Mr Graham Bates Year 5 (Whales)

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs Louise Willis

Year 6 Teacher (Stingrays)  Asst Head Inclusion

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Miss Abi Davies-Moore

Year 6 Teacher ( Dolphins) Trainee

Music Teacher

Mrs Angela Barker

Specialist Music Teacher



Our Non Teaching Staff 


Learning Support Staff

Mrs Kelly Gardiner

EYFS – Nursery Class

Learning Support Staff

Miss Samantha James

EYFS – Reception Class

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Helen Foster

EYFS – Nursery Class

Learning Support Staff

Miss Evelyn Goodwin

EYFS – Reception Class

Learning Support Staff Mrs Nicola Cartwright EYFS - Reception Class

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Kerry Tagg

Y1 Dragonflies

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Vicky Dove

Y1/2 Kingfishers 

Learning Support Staff

Miss Jane Barker

Y2 Otters / SEN & EAL Assistant

Learning Support Staff

Miss Kimberley Marsh

Y3 Turtles

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Aliyah Karim

Y3/4 Octopus

Learning Support Staff

Miss Danielle Shenton

Y3/4 Octopus

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Stephanie Boone

Y4 Jellyfish

Learning Support Staff Mrs Lynne Lawton Y5 Whales/SEN & EAL Lead Asst.

Learning Support Staff

Miss Alice Bailey

Y6 Stingrays

Learning Support Staff

Miss Hollie Williams

Y6 Sharks

Inclusion Support Staff

Mrs Amy Dawson


Reading PP Assistant

Mrs Jill Acar

 Reading Assistant

Reading PP Assistant

Mrs Michelle Webb

 Reading Assistant


Our Office Staff


Extended Services Mrs Sally Vaughan 

 Medical.  Attendance.   Extended Provision 

Finance Assistant Mrs Elaine Davis Reception & Finance.


Miss Marcela Soldonova

Environment and display 


Our Premises Staff


Premises Leader Mrs Sally Vaughan Premises and Health & Safety Lead.

Site Supervisor

Mr Steven Hughes

H & S Assistant, Handyperson, , 


Mrs Nicola Craggs

Janitor, Holiday Cover