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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Good afternoon. I hope you have had a lovely dinner, and a break ready for our afternoon learning. Miss Davies and Miss Mayer are live today so please join our lessons on teams where we can help you with your learning smiley

To start with we will be recapping our numbers and and forming our numbers. Randomly point to a number and see if they can say the number super quick. Again with writing, say a random number and see if they can write it correctly.



Now it is time to recap our shapes. Point to a shape and tell your adult what shape it is. Can you find something in your house that is the same shape? Maybe you could think of an object the same shape? 



Today in maths we will be focusing on missing numbers. The children need to be able to know what number comes after and what number comes before a given number. This is a mental maths skill that will support children's learning in lots of different topics. 

First we would like to see what your child already knows. Verbally can you have a game of 'one more and one less'. Depending on your child's ability you will focus on numbers 1-5, 1-10 or 1-20. Say any number between these numbers and ask for 'one more than...' or 'one less than...'

Start with 1-5, if they are confident move them on to 1-10, if they are confident with these you may focus on 10-20 numbers. 


If this is something they struggled with then use the number line below to show them one less and one more of a number. Ask them to find the number '5' what is one more than 5? What is one less than 5?



Now we will visually look at missing numbers. Look at the numbers below, can you fill in the missing numbers? You may use the number line below if you are struggling. We are encouraging the children to mentally know one more and one less and be able to recall these facts quickly. 

To 10:



To 20: 



For your challenge today we would like to see if you can make your own missing numbers problem. Write the numbers out and leave one missing! Do you know which one you have missed out? What number will come before it and which number will come after it?