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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Today Miss Mayer and Miss Davies will be doing a live numbers and patterns session so please log on to teams and join in smiley 

if you are unable to be on teams then our learning is below. 

We will start with recognising and writing our numbers to 10 or 20. We have all made some improvement at home and we are super proud. Continue to practice these at the start of each maths session. 



I would now like you to now recap your shapes. Identify each shape and name the properties of the shapes/





Today in maths, we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. We have looked at this topic last week and we were really  good at adding and subtracting. Today we will be focusing on the symbols of addition and subtracting.


At school, we like to use our arms to show the symbols. Ask your child to show you an add sign, subtract sign and equals sign. Keep your arms nice and straight! 




Below are some addition problems, today we are focusing on perfecting the symbols. From work sent in we can see that children are writing an add sign like an 'x' equals signs are not straight or easily seen. 

Look at the pictures and work out the addition and subtraction sums. Really concentrate on you presentation. One number one box, staying in a line, not writing diagonally and keeping symbols straight. 


Do not forget to send a picture to you teacher so we can give lots of presentation dojo's smiley



Answer the addition questions and write your own number sentence for each one.



Write a number sentence for each subtraction question.

You may need a number line to help you with your subtraction.