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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


To start with, recap your number recognition and number formation. If your child is confident with this then say a number and ask them to write it down without looking at the prompts. This includes numbers between 10 and 20. Do they know which two numbers make 14?


This afternoon I would like you to practice drawing your shapes. As we do every maths session, we recap out shapes and properties. Can you name a shape to your child and ask them to draw it. Is it correct? If they struggle then you may show them the shapes below so they can copy what they look like. Once they have drawn the shape, can they tell you any of the shapes properties?




Today we are going to recap our doubles up to 5. We were super at this last time and picked it up quick so we need to keep recapping doubles regularly. It is important the children understand the concept of 'doubles'. This is where we have 2 of the same object or in our case, number. We will add the same numbers together. For example, 1 + 1. We are using the same number twice. 

Can you remember learning about doubles last week? We used the mirror to see the objects double! Today we are going to see if you can remember your doubles without the mirror.

The best way to learn our doubles is chanting them. At school, we sit in a circle and tap our knees each time we say a double.  


1+1 is 2,   2+2 is 4,     3+3 is 6,    4+4 is 8,    5+5 is 10.


Can you chant the doubles with your adult? When you have dome some chatting and they are confident with this, ask they each double in a different order.

For example: What is 2+2?    What is 5+5?    What is 1+1?     What is 3+3?     What is 4+4?


Watch the video below. As the video goes along shout the answer to the doubles before it comes onto the screen!

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

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Last week we also looked at our 2 times table. This is also something the children will learn through chanting. Again, tapping your knee for each count can you say your two times table to 10? If you are super confident with this, you may want to go even further than 10!

Last week we used our socks to help us understand counting in two’s. Do you remember?

It is important the children understand that when we count in twos we are ADDING two numbers each time. Using the number line below show the children how we miss two numbers every time we jump. Use the picture below to help you explain.



Can you draw a number line and circle the numbers for the 2 times table?

 Start at 0 and jump two spaces. Each time you land on a number circle it.



If you think your child is ready, they could try counting in 2’s beyond 10