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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



This afternoon for maths we are going to continue to develop our counting skills with a memory game. 

I would like you to gather a big box of 5 items (you might want to challenge yourself and get 10 items!).

These might be toys or anything you can find from around your house. 

Have a really good look at all of the items and count them again. Remember, one number to one object. Use your hand to touch them as you count. One touch to each item and each number. 

I would like your grown up to cover the items whilst you cover your eyes.

Your grown up will then take an item away without you seeing. 

Remove the cover and count the items- how many items are left? 
Can you spot which item is missing? 

You can repeat this over and count the objects each time to develop your counting skills. 


You might want to challenge yourself by trying to match the number of objects to your numeral cards that you created. 

Don't worry if you get this wrong- we are still learning. smiley


Have lots of fun and send me lots of photographs of you completing the task.