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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


We are starting our maths lesson with recognising numbers and forming numbers. Please can we make sure children are forming their numbers correctly. Copy the numbers below. Number 1 is a straight line down, there is no bottom line. Number 9 should be a straight line and not curved under. 



Now we will look at our 2D and 3D shapes. Can you tell your adult what each shape is below? You were very good at your shape starter this morning. See if you can tell your adult different properties of the shape. How many sides does it have? Are they equal side? How many corners?



Today we are looking at distance. This is new learning for the children so everyone is starting at the same point smiley

We would like the children to start using language of distance 'far 'near 'furthest' 'nearest'. 

Watch the video below to help explain what is far and what is near. You may want to pause the video at certain points and ask your child is the object far or near? It can go a little quick so watch it with them and keep asking questions about the distance of the objects.



Opposites - Near And Far | Learning Songs For Kids And Children | Happy Kids

Opposites - Near and Far will teach children what is close by and what is a long way away.★

If something is 'near' it is close to us. If something is 'far' it is not close to you. Show this to your child with an object around the room. Example: place a ball next to your child, it is near. Place a ball away from them, it is far. 


I would like you to practice far and near with your adult. Using objects around the house (a ball, a pair of socks rolled up, a car) could you throw the object, has it landed far away or has it landed near you? Continue to do this a few times until your child understands the concept of far and near. 


Once they are confident with this introduce 'furthest' 'nearest'. Throw the ball again or roll a car across the floor, which went the furthest? which is the nearest?

Brilliant. Now they have the concept of distance and are using the key vocabulary ask they to point out which is near and which is far from the picture below. 



Which dog is the furthest and which dog is the nearest?