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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Good afternoon reception. I must say are number formation is great. We have really improved over the last couple of weeks and I am super proud. All of your repetition is paying off. Lets keep going and recap our number recognition and number formation. I thought this morning we could practice our numbers with a game. Below I have attached a link to 'Gingerbread counting'. Here the children need to count how many buttons the gingerbread man has and click the correct number to represent the buttons. 


Now it it time to recap our shapes. We should be recognising all 2D shapes now and most of out 3D shapes. Keep focusing on the shapes that your child struggles with. Focus on this shape and the properties. Help them to see where the shape is in the environment. If it is a cube, what can you find that is a cube in your house?



Today our focus is counting in two's. 

Watch the video below to help you understand counting in twos. 

Counting in Twos Song (2) - A simple, funny song for kids!

Counting in Twos Song (2) - a fun, simple song to help you learn how to count in twos. Lyrics below.Please do subscribe to the page, give a thumbs up and sh...

We would like you to use socks in the house to help your child understand counting in twos. Show them there always has to be 2 in a group. That is how many we are counting at once, 'a pair of two'.


Now add another pair of socks to the group. How many have we added? Now we have 4 altogether. You may need to count each sock to prove we have four. Add another pair...we have 6. Continue this until you get to 10. o back along the line of socks and count in twos.


Counting in two's is about quick recall. The children should know the order of counting in twos from memory. 

Count in twos while tapping your knee for each number. Repetition is key and your child will pick up the number sequence quickly. 

Re watch our video at the start and see if your child can now sing along to the song.