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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Please start our maths lesson the same as we always do. Recapping your number recognition and number formation. Maybe you could turn this into a game today. Put the numbers around the room and see which ones they can find. You could make some snap cards to recognise numbers and even write them yourself! Have quick fire flash cards and see how long it takes to identify each shape, time yourself...can yo beat your last score? 



Now we can move on to shapes. Ask your child what shapes they can name. Can they tell you one other item in the room that is the same shape? 

use the image below to find different shapes around your house. 





Today we will be looking at doubles up to 5. These include: 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+ 4 and 5+5. These are number facts that the children will learn to know by memory. By the end of reception we would like the children to be able to know their doubles to 5 inside out. 

It is important the children understand the concept of 'doubles'. This is where we have 2 of the same object or in our case, number. We will add the same numbers together. For example, 5 add 5. We are using the same number twice. 


We would like all of the children to practice their doubles practically. Can you find a mirror in your house and up to 5 objects. This could be socks, pom poms or anything small. 


Place your object in front of the mirror. You have your 1 sock at one side and through the mirror you will see another sock. This is a double, you had one and now have 2 of the same object. Look at the picture below. They had 2 dinosaurs, put them in front of a mirror and now there are four. 


 Ask you adult to write the number sentence out for you step by step. For example, they have put one sock in front of them - write one. Place in front of the mirror, what can you see? You now have two more - write +2. Count the items all together. You n ow have 4. Complete the number sentence together.


Can you please continue to do this with the following numbers:


1, 2, 3, 4 and 5