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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely lunch and plenty of water ready for our afternoon learning. Would you please start by recognising the numbers. Point to a number and see if they can tell you the number. We would also like you to practice your number formation in sequence. Can you write 0-5 5-10 or 10-20.



Now we can look at our shapes. Before we look at the shapes, what 2D shapes can you remember? Can you tell me one thing about the shape? How many sides/corners or faces it has? Now can you think of a 3D shape?

Look at each shape below and discuss the properties of the shape together



Today in maths, we are going to look at money. In reception, the children will learn to recognise coins, use language of money correctly and they may even start to add simple coins. Start by asking your child what do we use money for?

To begin with, I would like you to go through the coins below and see which coins your child recognises. You may have these coins at home and want to use these as it is always a great opportunity to see the real thing. Please explain to the children at the end of the coin we either have a ‘p’ for pence or £ for pound.



Which coins did your child recognise? Which did they struggle with? You may want to focus just on this and memorising the different coins. If so allow your child to play with some coins supervised. You may want to role play a shop and ask them to give you certain coins for an object. You may ask them to draw the coins out. Use the song below to help you remember the different coins

Money Song for Children UK

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 However, some of you will be able to move on to adding 1p coins together. Explain to your child it is the same concept as adding any objects together. Last week we counted pom poms, socks, counters and now we are counting pennies.

Try adding the coins together below. Can you write/draw them out? Remember if you are writing them you need to put ‘p’ at the end.


Example: 1p + 1p = 2p