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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



For maths today I would like you to use your 2D shape cut outs that we created a few weeks ago. 

Place the shapes into a bag or under a towel so you cannot see them.

I would like you to carefully place your hand into the bag/towel and feel the different shapes. 

I would like you to explain to your grown up which shape you can feel and how you know this?


For example - I might know I am feeling a triangle because I can feel that is has three sides. 

I might know that it is a circle because I can feel that it is round. 

This is a tricky task so if you really struggle with this, perhaps try recapping the shapes that you know already and talk with your grown up about you know what shape they are (without hiding them). 

Grown ups - begin introducing the different 2D shapes 1 at a time.


Shapes Song 2

We'll end our maths today with the 2D shape song. Sing along if you can remember it. :-)