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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Good afternoon and welcome back reception. I hope you had a lovely lunch and it is now time for our maths lesson. To begin with, we will start our counting today. Count to 20 and back if you can :) You can count your claps, jumps, hops or stamping. Why not try it all the different ways. Once you have finished counting, we can look at recognising our numbers. Again, you will know your child’s ability and therefore decide if they need to focus on recognising numbers 0-5, 5- 10 or beyond 10.



Now it is time to look at our 2D and 3D shapes. Can your child identify each shape? Can they tell you the properties of the shape? Can they tell you any objects that look like that shape? For example: A cone looks like an ice cream, a circle looks like the clock.




Today we are going to look at estimation. We have taught this in reception so the children should have some understanding and be able to use some key vocabulary already. To begin with can you ask your chid 'What is estimation?'. They should reply with 'having a good guess.' 

When we estimate we will GUESS how many objects are in the jar and try to get as close to the exact answer as possible. We do not need to guess the EXACT answer to be right, we just need to be close. 


We use estimation on a daily basis, more than we know. What could we use estimation for? 


shopping      cooking        time       distance


Lets have a go and estimate how many sweets are in the jar. Remember we guess how many are in there and then count to check.



Were you close? There are 6 sweets in the jar. If your answer was 5 or 7 you were really close! 

When we are estimating our guesses need to be sensible. If you guessed 100, would this be sensible? No, there are definitely no where near 100 so that would be a silly guess.

If you guessed 0, would this be a good guess? No, this is another silly guess. 

Try the following pictures and see how close you can get. How many apples are on the tree? Do one at a time. 



Were you close? for each guess was your answer more, the same or fewer than the exact answer? Try this again with objects around the house.