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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year


Welcome back. 

We'll start our afternoon with some movement to get our brains back into focus.

Five Minute Move for Early Years

This afternoon for maths we are going to look at size. 

I would like you to find some objects from around your house such as toys, cars, boxes, bottles, books, shoes, cutlery- anything you can find. 

First I would like you to look at two objects- which one is big? Which one is small? 

I would like you to gradually increase the number of objects and arrange them in order of size. Which one is biggest? which on is smallest?



Send me lots of photographs to show me your hard work. 


I would like to end our maths with a song about 2D shapes. We have sung this at school so join in if you know it. smiley

Shapes Song 2