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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Welcome back, Ducklings. 

Are we ready for a fun afternoon?

We will start by getting our bodies moving and our brains back into action for some afternoon learning. 

Penguin Dance | Brain Breaks

Well done, Nursery. 



Today in maths we are going to focus on 2D shapes. 



First I would like you to create your own 2D shapes cards using paper and a pencil/colours- create two of each card.  (I have also attached a copy.)

Once you have some 2D shape cards I would like you to play some 2D shapes naming games with your grown up. Select a card and name the shape you have selected. Once you have been through and named each card, use the cards to play a memory matching game. Turn all of the cards around so you can't see them, each person turns 2 cards over on their turn. Do they match? If they do you can keep them! If not turn them back around and try again. The person with the most cards at the end is the winner. 


Challenge: can you play a 2D shape guessing game with your grown up? Take a card (don't show anybody) and describe the shape you have selected- how many sides does it have? Is it round? does it have straight sides? Take it in turns to guess the shapes?