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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Welcome back, Ducklings! smiley

I hope you had a nice lunch. Are you full of energy and ready for a super afternoon?

Let's start with a little dance to get our brains back in action. 

Funky Counting Song | Numbers 1-10 | The Singing Walrus

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Today in maths we are going to do some counting challenges. 

I would like you to find me some items from around your house, using your super counting skills. 

Your grown up will set you challenges to find a number of different objects from around your house and/or garden using the numbers 0-5 (0-10 if you feel your child requires the extra challenge).

For example: 

-Bring me 0 apples. 

-Bring me 1 sponge.

-Bring me 3 toys 

-Bring me 5 pebbles

(the objects can be absolutely anything you have around your house and I have attached some cards below for ideas) 


Optional: You might want to practise forming your numbers once you have found your groups of objects. Use our number formation rhymes to help you. 




Next, I would like you to introduce some positional language. 

Ask your child to place one of the objects in different places/positions using the following language:

- Under

- On top of


You may need to model these actions to your child as we have only touched upon this in Nursery so far.