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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



In maths today, we are going to be looking at addition. In reception, children are expected to count two groups of objects and find the total amount of the two groups altogether.


To start with, gather a small group of objects up to 10. This could be counters, pompoms, buttons or anything the children can count.

Ask them to count each object one by one to find the total amount.




Did they count each one correctly?smiley


Now spit your objects into two groups and ask them to count the first group. How many are there?

Now count the second group. How many are there?




Adults can you write the number sentences for the children so they can see how it is set out and so they can see the numbers they are using. 


Example: 4 + 5 = 9 


Once you have completed one continue to split the objects into 2 different groups so the children can practice adding 2 groups together. If your child is comfortable with this ask them to write the number sentence themselves. Add the symbols for them and ask them to write their numbers once they have counted. 


Example:       _ + _ =


They may even be able to write the full number sentence together. 


Well done everybody. take a quick water break and move on to your afternoon tasksmiley