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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


Welcome back. 

I hope you had a delicious and healthy lunch. 


Lets start this afternoon with a dance to wake our brains up again. 



Let's get moving! Show your grown ups how it's done!

Super counting! Well done. I hope you are all ready for our busy afternoon!


5 Little Snowmen

This afternoon I would like you to start maths by singing our song '5 Little Snowmen'. You might want to use your toys or teddys to help. Use your fingers to represent each number and show your grown-ups how great you are! We will be practising this song all week- I would love to see you singing. :-) 






We are learning all about different 2D shapes in Nursery.

Task: Grown ups please draw and cut out some different sized 2D shapes (tringles, circles, squares and rectangles). 

Once they are cut out place them all together in the centre of your work area. Ask your child to sort the shapes out and observe to see how they sort the mixed shapes. They may decide to order them by shape/size/colour/number of sides or something completely different (and any way is completely fine). smiley 

Once they have finished sorting the shapes ask them to explain how they have sorted them.


What shapes are they? 

Why have you grouped them together? 

What makes them similar?

What makes them different?

How else could we sort them?