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Hello everybody, I hope you have had a delicious lunch and your bellies are full. It is now time for our maths lesson Lets count to 20. How are you going to count today? Will you jump, hop, clap or stomp? I bet you are all super counters now smiley


Can you identify your numbers and your shapes?


One more and one less


Today we are going to look at one more and one less of a number. We have been looking at this in reception and the children are doing well. We need to keep practicing this until the children know there numbers inside and out.


First to gain understanding of where your child’s ability is ask them one more of numbers between 0-5, 5-10 or beyond 10. Then you will know which numbers your child needs to be focusing on.

Now you know what numbers they need to focus on choose the appropriate number line. Explain to your child when we are looking for one more our number gets bigger and we count on to find the next number UP the number line. When we are looking for one less our number gets smaller and we count backwards, DOWN the number line. Choose some numbers and show the children one less and one more on the number line. 


If you find your child is struggling you may want to focus on one more and ignore one less for today.



Recap asking one less and/or one more of a number without the number line.


 Create one of the following table at home and change it to fit your child's needs. See if they can fill it in with support or independently. 


                                                                                        One Less     ​         One more