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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



Good afternoon reception, I hope you have had a brain break and refreshed with a drink and some dinner.  We will start our maths lesson today with counting. We have been counting to 20 and back. Can you count beyond 20? How far can you go?


In maths we have been focusing on our 2 times table. Can you count to 20 in twos? Try chanting and tapping your knee for each jump. Remember to point out to your child counting in 2’s is adding 2 numbers each time.



Now we need to recognise our numbers. Randomly pointing to a number, can you tell your adult the number? It is important we see numbers in different ways and places so we know the number securely.



Now we would like you to look at shapes, recap each shape below and name the properties






See how many doubles you can remember. Can you say the double and see if your child can tell you the answer.

Double 1 is...double 2 is...double 3 is...double 4 is...double 5 is...


How many did you know? If you struggled keep chanting them throughout the day. Repetition is key for learningsmiley


I would like you to draw/print out the lady birds. Can you show the doubles up to 5 on the lady birds? Add the spots on one side and the double on the other side. 



Once you have drawn out the lady birds to represent the doubles can you write the number sentences out for each one? Keep focusing on misconceptions. Remember to use your chanting if you are struggling. 

Remember to focus on your symbols, they should be nice and straight!


+    =

Don't forget to take a picture and send it to your teacher :)