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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



To begin with, I would like us to play a short 2D shape guessing game. 

I would like you to use the shape cards we created in our previous maths lesson to recap the different 2D shapes. 

Can you name the shapes? Discuss them with your grown up. 

How do you know what shape it is? How many sides has it got? How many points has it got?

Is it round? is it straight? 


Once you have recapped and discussed them together, I would like you to play a guessing game. 

I would like your grown up to give you some clues to help you to try to guess which 2D shape card they have chosen. 



Next, I would like you to find some small items from around your house to create some 2D shapes of your own. 

In school we use lollipop sticks. You might use cocktail sticks, sticks from your garden, cotton buds or ANYTHING you can find. Get creative. smiley



Make sure you send me a photograph of your super learning. 


Finally, I would like you to explore the shapes games on Purple Mash. 

Follow the link below. smiley