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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



I would like us to start maths today with some counting songs to get us back into counting! smiley

Have a look at the link below and choose two of your favourite counting songs to sing along to.

Use your fingers to represent the numbers as you sing. You might want to use your teddies or toys to help you too. smiley 


Now, for todays activity you will need a dice and 6 different teddies or soft objects to throw. 

If you don't have a dice you can get a dice app for free online or you could ask your grown up to choose different numbers for you. 


I would like you to use cushions or something else from around your home to create a hoop or a space for you to throw objects into. 

Roll your dice and count the number of dots you have rolled. 

I would like you to try to throw the correct number of objects into the hoop/space. Use your super counting skills to ensure that you are throwing the right amount. 

Can you use your fingers to represent the same number?


Extension - Can you identify the numeral to match the number rolled on the dice? 

You may want to try this for numbers up to 10 if you find 1-6 easy. 


Have lots of fun and send me some photographs so that I can send you dojos! smiley