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Times Tables

Summer Day 25

Hello everyone it's finally cake day! I hope everyone is taking part, and I hope you all send me pictures of your yummy creations. If you want to see the cake being made, here is a video,

Summer Day 24

Hi everyone here is your Math for today and the link to support you. Good luck!

Summer Day 23

Hi everyone here is your Math for today and the link to support you,

Summer Day 22

Hi everyone here is your Math's and the link to support you,

Summer Day 21

Hello everyone here is the Maths for today along with the link, I have also attached the recipe here that you will need for Friday so you have the week to get ingredients if you decide to do it.

Summer Day 20

Hi everyone here is your Math's and the link to the video

Summer Day 19

Hello everyone here is your Math's work and the link to support you, same as yesterday I recommend watching the video as you do the task.

Summer Day 17

Here is the work for today please watch the video carefully as it explains how we find the answer to each question.


Summer Day 16

Today you will be doing Fraction Subtraction, link to the video is here to help you

Summer Day 15

I hope you're all ready for another week of learning, lets start the week off nice and easy with some fraction addition;

Summer Day 14

Hi everyone here is your work and the link for today's work;

Summer Day 13

Hi everyone today we're moving onto comparing fractions, as always if you have any questions please ask.

Summer Day 12

Hello again everyone here is your link and documents for Math's, a nice easy lesson to finish off equivalent fractions

Summer Day 11

Hello again, please find all the required documents for today's Math's lesson below along with the link to the YouTube video;

Summer Day 10

Here is your new Math work, today we are starting to look at equivalent fractions, please check the WhiteRose site and the YouTube link for support;

Summer Day 9

Some more fabulous fraction questions for you again today, please check out the YouTube link for support

Summer Day 8

Today we are still looking at fractions of numbers and objects, here is a video to help and your work is below, enjoy!

Summer Day 7

Here is the link again to the White Rose website and here are the documents for today's learning along with the YouTube video link 

Summer Day 6

Hi everyone please find attached your work for today, alongside this is also an answer sheet to check your work once you are done and also a flipchart which I go through on this video; As always if you need any help please email me and also please send me your work.

Summer Day 5

Here is your Friday task and the link to the youtube video to help you

Summer Day 4

Hi everyone here is your maths work for today as well as the youtube link to support you,

Summer Day 3

Hi everyone here is your work for today and the link to the help Enjoy! 

Summer Day 2

Hi everyone here is your Math's for today which is focusing on fractions again, here is the link to today's video to help you;

Summer Day 1

Hi everyone! Here is your Math work for today, if you follow this link you will also find a video to help you with this task. Good luck!

Day 10

Hi guys today your Math work is focusing on your fraction knowledge, remember that a whole one means the numerator is the same as the denominator. Good luck!

Day 9

Today you're focusing on division, even though it is a 3-digit divided by a 1-digit you can do this! We learnt this skill in arithmetic and it's called the bus stop method. Watch this video to help you or remind you what that is

Day 8

Today you will be practicing your times tables skills, Platinum is going to challenge you, you just have to remember to do the multiplication inside the brackets first before you do the other calculation. Good luck!

Day 7

For your maths today you will be using both column addition and subtraction, once you have found the answer you must check this is correct using the inverse method which I explained yesterday. Good luck!

Day 6

Another week begins and I hope you've had a good weekend, today in maths you have got to find the missing number in a calculation, remember that in order to do this we must use the inverse of the calculation.


Therefore, if the calculation is an addition like 5 + ? = 9 change it to 9 - 5 = ? to find your answer. Best of luck!

Day 5

Day 5 is finally here! After today you will have completed a whole week of home learning! For maths today you are adding 3-digit numbers. Don't forget to use your column method skills and carry over if needed. 

Day 4

Good morning children! Nearly a whole week done now of home learning, your day 4 task is based on place value with the platinum sending you into the thousands! I can't wait to see what kind of work you produce, just remember to take you time, read the questions carefully and look at where the symbols are in the calculation. Also if you can't remember what the word partition means, it means to split apart the number into ones, tens and hundreds.


You also need to use your column addition skills and don't forget you may need to carry over. Best of luck!

Day 3

Good morning Octopi, for maths today you are looking at horizontal and vertical lines, if you are struggling to remember which is which, remember our little tip we learned, when looking out at the horizon, you can see a horizontal line where the sky meets the ground, as shown in the picture below. Keep up the great work and if you have any questions let me know via the contact form.

Day 2

Hello again Octopi, here is your maths for today, similar activities but today focusing on 3-D shapes. If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact form or email me smiley



Day 1

Hello children! It's day 1 of your home learning and here are a few hints to help you with your maths work.


Silver is a matter of counting the edges and remembering the name of the shape that has that many sides. Remember one shape sounds like our class name Octopus. Hmmmm, octopus have 8 legs I wonder what shape has 8 edges?


Gold requires you to know the difference between an edge and vertices. For this you should remember that a vertex is where two edges meet and that should provide you with an answer.


It also asks you to describe the angles and Platinum requires your angle knowledge to. For this I have included some photos from our prior learning that will remind you what an angle is. That should be enough to help you with your work today. If you have anymore questions remember to use the contact form to get in touch.