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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance


We will start our maths lesson with counting. Count to 20 and then see if you can count back to 0 from 20.

Another skill we always practice in reception is counting on from any given number. Say a number between 0-10 or 10-20 can they count on straight after? For example: you - 6 child - 7,8,9,10.


Now we will recap our numbers. What numbers can you see? Write them down in your best handwriting. Can you put any of the numbers together to make another number? 1 and a 4 written together turns into 14. How many numbers can you find smiley


We are super at recognising the shapes and now it is time we focus on the properties of the shapes. Weather you are working on 2D or 3D shapes, what properties d you already know? Pick a new shape and focus on the properties. What can you tell me about the shape.

Remember vertices are corners. 




Today in maths we will be focusing on tall and short. It is important the children have the correct concept of what is 'tall' and what is 'short' means. The most common misconception for children is calling something 'tall' but it is in fact long.  Watch the video below to help your child understand tall and short. 

Tall and Short - Math Song l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

A mouse is short. A giraffe is tall. But that's not all!Let's sing along and guess what's tall or short with our Badanamu buddies!Join in and sing along: htt...


Did you join in and find the tall animals and the short ones? When we are using 'tall' we are looking at the height of the object, how far up does it go? Looking at the sunflowers below how many cubes tall are the sunflowers? Answer with '__ cubes tall'




Some objects are tall and some objects are short. Looking at the objects below can you say if it is tall or short?



Mathematical vocabulary is very important and we need to be using the correct vocabulary. We have looked at tall and short and now we will look at 'tallest' and 'shortest. What does tallest mean? What does shortest mean? 

Tallest - Out of two or more objects the one that is above all the rest when next to each other. 

Shortest - Out of two or more objects the one that is below all of the rest. 


Take a look at the sunflowers below. Can you answer the questions? 

To show your teacher your answers point to the correct bean and take a picture or you may want to draw/print them out. 






If you are confident with this can you put the objects below in height order. From Shortest to tallest.





Please don't forget to take a picture of your work and send it to your teacher! :)