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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



We hope you had a lovely lunch and are ready for some numbers and patterns and more maths! smiley 

Begin the number and patterns sessions as usual, focusing on number recognition either 0-5, 0-10 or 0-20 depending on your child and their ability.

Then practise number formation, making sure all numbers are the same size and formed correctly.


Now to recap 2D and 3D shapes, looking at shape names and their properties, I have also attached a video for the children to say what 3D shapes they can see in the environment.

Shapes in the environment!

Today we are going to be looking at subtraction, we have touched on this concept at school but not in much depth so today is to simply introduce subtraction and for the children to understand it using visuals and objects.

Subtraction is the opposite of addition, when we use subtraction or 'take-away' the number of objects gets smaller and that is important for the children to understand. 

Begin by having a number of objects, ask the children to say how many objects there is some should be able to say the number of objects without counting whilst others will need to count the objects. Once they know the number ask the children what would happen if you took a number of objects away, we often do this with food at school e.g. I have 6 apples and I eat 2, what has happened to the number of apples and how many apples do I have left now?

Do this several times with different objects and different numbers. 

If you feel your child is confident with this then begin to introduce the symbols used in subtraction sums and the vocabulary used in relation to the symbols. 


When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)

WHEN YOU SUBTRACT WITH A PIRATE...Subtraction song for kids!Enjoy! Can my class perform a "H...

If you think your child is ready then begin to introduce writing subtraction sentences. 

The first number in the sentence is the number of objects to begin with, you can do this visually and write as you explain, then next comes the subtraction sign, the second number is the number of objects taken away, then the equal signs and then lastly the final number of objects left over.

As always, any issues or queries please ask and we will do what we can to support.

Now for the next 45 minutes we have added a directed time each day for the children to engage in imaginative play as they would at school, as adults we have an important part to play in the children's play by the questions we ask; such as how many blocks have you used? Which toy is the heaviest? Can you write labels for all of your toys? 

You may want to play a game together, this teaches the children lots of skills such as turn taking, maths skills and self regulation. I attached our current objectives on Thursday if you need that to see what we are currently focusing on, if you have any questions about your child's learning through play please ask.


We hope you have lots of fun and we will see you for this afternoons task smiley