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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



As always in maths please recap numbers, shapes and continue to work on number formation, address your child's misconception and continue to develop their knowledge and skills.



Today we are focusing on patterns, it is something which the children do naturally but as we move through Reception it is a concept which they need to have a good knowledge of, we begin with two colour patterns such as below can the children say what would come next?:

If they are confident with that can they talk about these patterns below:

Now the children can use the video below to help them understand that anything can make a pattern such as a sock, an apple, a sock, an apple... or a book, a pen, a car, a book, a pen, a car...

Patterns 1 - ABAB Pattern with Shapes & Colors - The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

In this video, learn the basic ABAB pattern. Features shapes, colors and more!Follow us on Facebook: us on ...

We would like the children to then go around the house and make their own patterns, they can be patterns with objects, with different sizes or even with colours, depending on your child's ability this may be with 2 objects or even more, please take lots of pictures so we can see what patterns you have made, we cannot wait to look at them in school and see how they differ to the patterns which we have made.