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 I hope you all had a lovely lunch time, tomorrow we will all be back together eating in the hall, I wonder what we will have. What is your favourite meal to eat?


Now lets get started with our maths session, first I want you to get up and moving and counting you can do jumping jacks, claps, stomping, what ever you like.

Then it is the usual number recognition, counting from any numbers and 2D/3D shape recognition and their properties. You can also recap one more and one less, sometimes I will do 'teddy throw', I will throw a teddy to a child and say a number they then say what is one more and one less than that number. It is a great way for quick recall.

Here is also another number rhyme which we love to sing in Reception:

Ten Green Bottles | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. An animated and subtitled version of the popular nursery rhyme, 'Ten Green Bottles'. Subscribe for more Early Years clips from BB...

For our maths session today we want the children to focus on money, this is not something which we have yet done in class with the children but it is something we will work on especially when role playing in the post office this week. It is always apparent in my experience that children will talk about dollars rather than pence and pounds due to American television, games and videos. So it is vital that the children understand we use the words pence, for this time of year we expect the children to be using vocabulary related to money especially when playing. 

It is important for the children to know what each coin represents especially coins 1p to 50p, if the children are confident with that then they can look at £1- '100 1ps' and £2-'200 1ps'. 

If you do have coins at home, coin rubbing is a lovely task for the children to do, if you hide a coin under a piece of paper and ask the children to guess what coin it is by rubbing a crayon or pencil on top.

If you feel your child is completely confident with coins and using money vocabulary then the children can use 1ps only to count how much money they have. It is very important that the children only use 1ps at this time as different coins may complicate things and confuse the children.