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Welcome back reception, I hope you had a lovely lunch! Did you use your own cutlery correctly? Maybe you even helped your adults to clean up afterwards! I hope that you are now full and ready for some more exciting learning.



Numbers and Patterns


To warm our brains up we will start with some counting. We will always practice our counting as it is so important and helps us with lots of other areas in our learning. We will start with counting to 10...can you go to 20? Lets have some fun and count different actions. Count as you clap, count how many times you can jump, maybe you could count something in your house? Now lets see if you can count from any given number. For example, you say 7 and your child counts on to 10 or 20.


Now you have been counting, see if your child can identify numbers 0-5, 0-10 or even 0-20.





This afternoon we will be looking at estimation. The children have done some work on this already at school so it would be great for you to see their skills. Ask your child, what is estimation? When might we use estimation?


Estimation is when we have a good guess. We can not count the objects, we need to look and sensibly guess how many we think are there. Once we have had a good guess we count how many to see if we were close or not. Try your estimating skills with the jars below.



Were you close? Remember we do not need to have the exact answer with estimation, we just need to be close to the exact answer. I estimated 6 for the first jar and there were actually 5 do you think I had a good guess?


Find a glass, bowl, or box and fill it with some objects…see if your child can estimate how many are there, pick up any misconceptions your child has and help them to understand a 'good guess'.


 Good luck guessing, I hope to see some great estimation photos smiley