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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance



I hope you had a lovely lunch, hopefully if you needed to you used your own cutlery and used them correctly smiley I hope it was a filling lunch to get their brain working as we are having a busy afternoon. 


Now it is time for our daily maths session, we are creatures of habit in Reception and we repeat ourselves daily so first we will count, can you see how many your child can count to? Can the children do different actions as they count keeping themselves active such as jumping, clapping and stomping? Count from any number to 10 and then to 20 if you feel confident for your child to do so. 

Now it is number recognition, just like yesterday depending on your children focus on the numbers which your children need to learn, if it is many numbers only focus on a few at a time.



Identifying Numbers 1 20

Introduces the numbers from 0-20, and allows time to review.

Today recap 2D and 3D shapes, talk about the shape names and their properties and address any misconceptions which the children have. If your child is still working on 2D shape recognition and properties then do not worry too much about 3D shapes.


For our maths session today we are looking at the formation of numbers, we use number rhymes to help us to form our numbers correctly;

There is also a video below, the children use their 'magic pointer finger' to copy the numbers in the air and they absolutely love it laugh Writing Numbers Rhyme

A lovely little rhyme to help children write their numbers 0-9. Includes narration and time for children to practice on their own.

Let the children write their numbers to 0-5, address any misconceptions that the children have, if they don't form a number correctly model it and get the children to continue to practise it. If your child can form numbers 0-5 then begin 6-10 like before address any misconceptions and get the children to practise the numbers they find difficult. If your child can form numbers 0-10 then please get them to write numbers 0-20. All numbers should be formed at the same height and be equal in size. 


I cannot wait to see your fantastic numbers, make sure you concentrate and take your time as you write.

Now it is time for your afternoon task! smiley