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Firstly I want you to do some counting, what is the biggest number you can count to in the correct order? 

Next is your number recognition, you can do this by finding numbers in your house or any other creative ways you have been doing it at home or you can use the video below:

Recognising Numbers

New Version Of Recognising Numbers: A video i made for my 2 year old daughter to make sure she continues to recognize her numbers

Now for your shape knowledge, knowing both shape name and their properties.

Shapes are all around us!smiley

Shapes in the world around us

Today we are going to be looking at a new concept, the concept of 'halving', where 1 object is cut in half into two equal pieces.

I have attached a video for the children to use an aid:

FS2 Maths Task Halving shapes

To practise; draw shapes for your child and ask them to draw a line to show half like below:

Maths Challenge:

If your child is confident with the concept see if they can halve a number of objects e.g. half of 2 is 1. You can only halve even numbers, use objects to help and the number of objects in each group should be the same or equal.


I can't wait to see how many of you complete the maths challenge laugh

Make sure you send your numbers and patterns work in through portfolio before you begin your imaginative play task.