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Keeping Safe at Home

How serious is the Coronavirus?

It is not serious for most people, including children.


It feels like flu, you may get: 


A fever




  A cough 




Difficulty breathing 


Most people will get better with: 




 Drink plenty of water 



 Medicine for pain or fever 



How likely am I to catch it? 



You can only catch it if you have been close to someone with the virus. 


You MUST follow the Government advise and guidelines on how to socially distance and how to self-isolate.  

How can you stop the coronavirus spreading? 

If you need to cough or sneeze: 




Catch it with a tissue





Bin it 





Kill it by washing your hands with soap



Before and after cooking and eating 




Before and after using any equipment including exercising and sport activities 





When you get in from school or work




When you have been outside of your house. 

Do not:



Try not to touch your eyes, mouth, nose with unwashed hands. 




Do not share cups and water bottles




Always wash your hands 

If you feel unwell:


Keep at home.Stay away from others.


Do no use public transport 



Tell anyone that you have been in contact with including school that you have symptoms. 


Call 111 for advise 



Visit the NHS website