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Information for Parents

Who is coming back to school

All children are now welcome back to school unless they or a family member have present the symptoms of COVID 19 or have been contacted by track and trace, in which case they need to follow the government guidance. 

Protective steps we are taking

  • All children and staff have been allocated bubbles
  • Class rooms from Y2-6 have forward facing desks
  • Staggering break times, and pick-up and drop-off times
  • Creating bubbles within our school
  • Increased cleaning with a daily deep clean of all classrooms
  • Keeping pupils and staff with coronavirus symptoms at home


Start and end times

School will be open for 5 days for all pupils.

To minimise risk of contact between parents and pupils we have decided to stagger start and end times. 

AM provision from 8.00 will be offered for breakfast club if required. 

8.30am arrival /3.30pm collection surnames A-H

8.40am arrival/ 3.40pm collection Surnames I-O

8.50am arrival/3.50pm collection Surnames P-Z

All late arrivals from 9.00am onwards will come through the main office. 


Routines for queueing / gathering at gates

All parents must enter school through the main gates on the playground. The front entrance to school will not be used except for those entering school for breakfast club between 8.00 – 8.20am.

All parents will be asked to queue with social distancing of 2 metres apart when dropping off and collecting their child from school. There will be 3 drop off and collection points.

Parents must queue with 2 meters apart.  There should be no gatherings of parents.  Parents will not be able to speak to teachers at the beginning or end of the day in person. If you need to speak to a member of staff, please phone the school or communicate through the class email or contact forms on the school website. 

Once children have been dropped off, there will be 2 exit points. Nursery and  Year 5 and 6 parents will exit the gate at the front of school. Reception, Year 1,2,3 and 4 parents will exit via the green gate on the corner of the main playground.

Requirements of pupils

All pupils on entry to school will wash their hands before being allowed into classrooms. Pupils will take all personal items into classrooms – Coats, drinks bottles and lunchboxes only. Toilet and hand washing facilities are allocated to bubbles groups to encourage minimal contact.

Regular handwashing will take place throughout the day.  All children must not bring any bag to school with them. They may bring a water bottle and their lunch box and we encourage parents to sanitise these each night.  There will be reading books going home during this time and we will be encouraging children to access bug club each night online to read. Each week books will be sanitised and isolated for 7 days prior to being used in future.

Pupils will be encouraged to abide by the social distancing measures. However, the Dfe and schools realise that this may not be possible for all pupils and at all times. In Early Years and Year 1, small bubbles will continue to access the provision to suit the emotional and wellbeing needs of our youngest children.  We will follow the DfE guideline to ensure that children are safe at all time.

Guidance on symptoms

Children will be in ‘bubbles’ all day.  If any child or adult in that bubble develop symptoms, school must be informed on the first day of any symptom. The child or adult will then be sent for testing.  If the test is confirmed as positive, all children (including siblings) and adults in that group will self-isolate.  If the test is confirmed as negative, then the child will be able to return to school. If there is a conformed case the school will contact public health during this time. If your child displays symptoms during the school hours, they will be taken to an isolated room with any siblings whilst they await collection. After collection, this room will be deep cleaned.


Children may bring lunch boxes into school for their school dinner.  We encourage the use of disposable items where possible to minimise risk. Any plastic containers should be washed thoroughly each night.  Children who wish to have a school dinner may do so as we will be providing children with the option of a hot dinner.  All children who receive FSM or Universal FSM will still be entitled to this during this time.


Children will now wear their school uniform each day and their sports kit on the allocated PE day.  We encourage parents to wash clothes at the end of each day or different clothes worn.  If children arrive wearing PPE, this will be placed in a sealed bag on arrival into school to prevent cross-contamination from outside of this school building.

Office availability

As of 1st June, the School Office will be closed to all parents unless an appointment is made in advance. This is to ensure that we can keep all school areas risk free.  If you wish to speak to a member of staff we encourage you to phone school, email or use the contact forms on the school website to minimise contact. 

Home learning

All home learning, is available on line and you will be signposted to this if your child is required to self isolate for a  period of time.  During this time, you will be able to contact the teacher via class emails.