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How does Waterside primary school know if children need extra help?

Some pupils may need additional support or help at some point during their time at school.  


We know if pupils need help if:

  • Concerns are raised by parents/ carers, teachers or the child
  • They are working significantly lower than age related expectations

  • Their progress has slowed over a period of time

  • The gap has widened between them and their peers

  • They may be at age related expectations but have a specific difficulty

  • Show behavioural problems with an unidentified need


How do we identify children who may need additional support

To identify children with SEND, we follow a 4 step approach to ensure that children receive the most appropriate intervention to support their individual needs. 

Step 1: If concerns are raised, children are placed on cause for concern. Class teachers will then set in class targets and children are given quality first teaching.  Parents and Carers are informed and their views and their child's views are recorded.


Step 2: If further support is needed, children will be then supported through a Closing the Gap intervention.  These interventions are used to support the child in the area where they are having difficulties.  An assessment will be carried out as baselines and small group interventions will take place. These are reviewed after 6 weeks. 


Step 3: If progress still is not being made, with parents permission, children will be placed on the SEN register.  Targets and interventions are planned for and are reviewed at least every 6-7 weeks. These targets are small steps to enable the children to meet their milestones. The child will receive bespoke and often 1:1 interventions. 


Step 4: If additional support is unsuccessful, children may be referred to an outside agency including but not limited to CAHMS, Educational Psychologist and SEND services.


If you feel that your child needs additional support or you have any concerns regarding your child's behaviour or learning, please do contact Mrs Joinson-Spencer or Mrs Willis who will be more than happy to help.