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How accessible is the school environment?

Waterside is an accessible for all school. We are accessible to anyone with physical needs including wheelchair access. 

Facilities at school at present include:

  • Ramps into school to make the building accessible to all.
  • 2 toilets for disabled users
  • Wide doors and corridors
  • Lift to second floor
  • Disabled parking bays


  • We have a small dedicated medical room in order to enable a safe place for insulin testing and injections. 
  • A nurture room is available for all pupils to talk to our Lead Learning mentor
  • An accessibility plan describes actions the school has taken to increase access to the environment, the curriculum and to printed information. 
  • Signage around the school is clear and reviewed annually
  • Our school complies with the Equalities Act 2010. 
  • We have recently installed fire doors that can remain open to ensure that access around the school is suitable for wheelchair users


As a school we are happy to discuss individual access requirements. Specific health and medical requirements will be discussed on an individual basis.  Parents are welcome to enquire or visit at any time to discuss any concerns.