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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Home Learning

Friday 5th June (Tuesday 2nd June)


  • Please complete the next page of your name writing and maths books. Make sure you use the correct pencil grip!
  • Why is the boy happy? (see attached video)
  • Matching number game. Please cut out your set of numbers and see attached video.
  • Colour in your sunflower picture and sing the sunflower song.

Number matching game

Why is the boy happy?

Why is the boy sad ?

Thursday 4th June (Monday 1st June)


  • Using the correct pencil grip complete the first page in your name writing book, tracing over the letters and then having a go your self.
  • Complete the first page of your maths book, tracing over the number 0 and then having a go your self, do you know what the number is? Can you show it on your fingers?
  • Number matching caterpillar, cut out the numbers and stick them to the matching number .

  • Follow the sheet on how to plant your sunflower seed, talk about what it needs to grow and how we can help it. This is your ongoing project to watch and observe what is happening and how it changes, you can draw pictures and take photos over a period of time to show this.
  • Sunflower song

5 little sunflowers