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Home Learning

This page of home learning is for if your child is individually off, having to self isolate and is unable to attend school for 10-14 days (only if they are feeling well enough to work from home).


For whole class home learning please follow the link below

Autumn Term 

(Sept - Dec 2020)


Each morning I would like for you to talk to your grown up about what day it is. Practice the days of the week song. Talk about what the weather is like outside and think about what kind of clothes you might need to wear if you go outside today.


Day 1


Follow the listening video below. Pause video when prompted and have a good think about what you can hear before you discuss it with your grown up. 

Listening Game | Phase 1 Phonics

Maths - Create a list of 2D shapes (circle, square, rectangle, tringle). Count and mark on your list how many of these shapes you can find in your home. i.e. 3 circles – clock, table, jar lid.



Afternoon - Collect some items together, from outside of your home such as leaves, sticks and pebbles. Talk about these items with your grown up (what colours are they? where do you think they came from?)  Take a look at the Art below by Andy Goldsworthy together. Can you use the items you collected to make your own picture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy? Take a photograph of your art work – I’d love to see!

Reading - Read your favourite story with your grown up, then ask your grown up to make a short video of you talking about what happened and why it is your favourite story. If you don’t have your favourite story at home, try searching on youtube.


Maths - Ask your grown up to write numbers 1-5 (or 10) on leaves or paper (or anything that you find interesting). These can be used as number cards to play games with. Help your grown up to put the number cards in order, starting with ‘1’. Ask your grown up to turn two of the cards over, can you work out which ones were turned over? Try choosing two cards at random- which number is more? which number is less? Can you tell your grown up what number is one more? what number comes next? You can check by counting together. Choose a card each, the winner has the biggest number.



Perform your favourite nursery rhyme to your family, you can use items around your house as instruments to play along. You may want to look at the nursery rhymes below for some ideas. Send a video or photograph – I would love to see!

60 minute medley | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Day 3

Phonics“guess the sound” ask your grown up to secretly gather some noisy items from around your home (glasses, cereal, pans, etc.) and hide them under a sheet or towel. Your grown up will make one sound at a time and challenge you to guess what item is making the sound. If this is a bit too tricky, take a look at the hidden items before you guess.

Maths Practice your counting with some counting songs. Use your fingers to represent numbers as you sing

AfternoonPlan an obstacle course in your garden/house. Think about what items you might use from your house and talk about them with your grown up. Set up the obstacle course and show somebody else in your house how to use each part.



Day 4

WritingPractise mark making the pre-writing shapes. You can do this using your fingers in sand/flour/glitter or you might want to try holding a pen or a pencil and make the marks on paper.

MathsGo on a number hunt around your home. What numbers can you find? What is the biggest number you can find? What is the smallest number? Can you represent them using your fingers?

AfternoonMake a box of happy things. Talk to your grown up about what makes you happy. These might be people, places, foods, toys. Fill a box with these items these could be photographs, drawings or items. Show your box to somebody else in your house and tell them all about it.


Day 5

Writingtry secret mark making. Use a white wax crayon to write your secret message on a piece of white paper – this might be pre-writing shapes or you might want to try some letters from your name. Once you have completed your message, paint or used a coloured pen over it to reveal the hidden message. (TIP- If you don't have a white crayon, it works well with any kind of wax, you could use an old white candle like a crayon). 



MathsCan you help you grown up get ready for meal time? Count how many cups, plates, bowls, knifes and forks you will need.

Afternoon - Create your own musical instrument with your grown up – use recycled items from around your house such as old bottles/jars/boxes/dried rice/lentils etc. Be imaginative! Send me a photo, I would love to see!



Day 6

PhonicsClap a repeating pattern for your child to copy and ask them to repeat back to you. Ask your child to clap a pattern for you to repeat back to them. Use other methods of body percussion i.e. tapping legs, stamping feet, etc.


MathsWhat places, animals or objects can you draw using only 2D shapes? Can you make a train using rectangles, circles and squares? Can you make a rocket using rectangles, triangles and circles? What else can you make?



AfternoonWhat am I? Your grown up will give you some clues about what animal they are “I have spots…” can you guess what they are? You might want to take it in turns to give clues.


Day 7

PhonicsListening walk – go for a short walk around your local environment (this may be in your garden or inside your house if you are self-isolating). Create your own listening walk tick sheet for your child to tick/identify any sounds they can hear whilst on their walk. Tip: Stop and discuss each sound that you can hear together, explore where the sounds are coming from. Ensure that there are no obviously loud sounds (i.e. loud television) to encourage your child to focus on varied different background sounds i.e. birds singing/clock ticking. Take a look at the attached checklist for some idea. This will vary depending on where your walk is. 

MathsPractice counting. How many buttons do you have on the clothes you are wearing? How many steps and doors do you have in your home? Can you show your grown up on your fingers?



AfternoonPractise your cutting skills. Cut out some of your favourite items from a magazine or catalogue. Show them and talk about them to somebody else in your house.


Day 8

Phonics – Follow the animal sounds listening game video below. Pause video when prompted to encourage your child to think about what they can hear before answering. Discuss answers. Use the attached “Phonics animals” pictures for your child to use to match the sound to the animal before revealing the answer.

Farm Animal Sounds - Listening Game on the Farm

MathsUse lego or building blocks to build some towers. Which one is tallest? which is shortest? how many bricks do they have? can you make it taller?

AfternoonPlay a memory game with your grown up. Gather 5 or 6 items and hide them under a towel/sheet. Your grown up will take one or two items away. Can you remember what was there? What is missing? You might want to make it more difficult by using more items.



Day 9

PhonicsPlay follow the leader with your family. Use body percussion to make a pattern/rhythm and the rest have to copy. You could mix it up by using different types of body percussion (clapping, clicking, tapping, stamping) and making up different rhythms.


MathsAsk your grown up to write numbers 1-10 on a piece of paper and hide them around the house or garden. Go on a hunt for all the numbers. Each time you find one, tell your grown up which number you have found. You might want to challenge yourself by using a timer!


Afternoon - Practise fastening buttons, see how fast you can fasten your shirt. Thread some beads or buttons onto some string or pipe cleaner – send me a photo of what you have made.

Day 10

WritingCan you make yourself a door sign for your bedroom door? Your grown up might need to help you write your name. Send me a photo, I’d love to see!


MathsAsk a grown up to show you some coins. Have a look at the different sizes, how they feel and what numbers/pictures they have on. Ask your grown up lots of questions.


Afternoon - Get some play dough and Follow the video below. You might want to make you own play dough.

Dough Disco to Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme

The most important thing during your child's time off is that you and your child stay safe and well. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or 'Contact your teacher' on the school website. If you need any support at all we still remain here for you. Please try to complete as much of the work as possible and enjoy doing it together. Don't forget to send any completed work to us to showcase how super you are.


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