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Week Ending Friday 13th March 2020- 97.1%

Home Learning

Monday 30th March- Home Learning:


We hope you had a lovely weekend together as a family, I know you cannot get out and about but we hope it was full of smiles and special time with your family. I know your children will be asking to do lots of things but I saw a nice idea where the children put the ides of what they want to do onto paper and put into a jar, when we can go out again you pull a piece of paper out and do what the idea is. 

This week we would have been learning about Easter so that will be the focus of this weeks home learning. 

Reading Task: Today we would like the children to access this is a website with lots of reading games on which we use at school, the children are to go onto phase 3 and the can complete whatever games they wish. Phonics play is free at the moment so you can access all games, below is the details for you to access it for free.

Writing Task: We know it wouldn't have been a very busy weekend as it normally would be but we would still like the children to write about their weekend and what they have done, the children should be writing independently using the sound mat and memory word mat to support them. Again please encourage your child to write pre-cursively using the prompt from your pack, some of the children should also be using finger spaces and full stops independently. 


Maths Task: We have done a lot about time at school and most of the children are confident with o'clock and half past, below is an interactive exercise for you to use first to remind your child before doing the worksheet in the pack which is below.

Afternoon Task: We would normally be making an Easter card if we were at school so that is what we would like you to do using what ever you have available at home, I have attached some ideas for you below.


Please remember your family project and you can choose any questions and task at any time, as you are all spending so much time together it is nice for you to work together and for your child to find out things they never knew about you smiley

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon are both working at home a lot this week so we are available for emails if you need anything but please send your child's work to us, it is helping us get through this uncertain time and putting bug smiles on our face. We will be ringing you all on Wednesday just to make sure you are all okay!

Lots of Love, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Friday 25th March Home Learning


Week one almost complete! It has been delightful to speak to you all via email and over the phone. You have all really worked hard and we never thought we could be any prouder of you than when you came to school each day, but you have really shone this week and you continue to show us every one of our school values. Courage, determination, excellence, friendship, respect, equality and most of all, you have been our inspiration…so well done to each and every one of you, keep it up our beautiful Ducks.


Reading task- Ask your child to choose one of the two reading books that were given to them. Encourage them to read the book out loud, using their phonics knowledge, blending each word and recognising the memory words. Once read, turn to the back of the book. You will find a section of comprehension questions. Ask the children those questions and jot down their answers. They might be for example, ‘what other words can you find that start with the letter…’ or ‘IS Nan pleased with Sid at the end of the story? Why?’ Encourage the children to be as descriptive as possible with their answers.


Writing task- Once you have read your reading book, whether it is real (nonfiction) or a story (fiction) ask the children to use the reading book page border to write about their story. Write the title of your book and use sound mats to segment to spell words to describe what happens in the beginning, middle or end. If it is a nonfiction text then they can write what information the book gives us.




Maths task- Looking at your subtraction by number lone work sheet, start on the first number and count backwards the second number for example   5-3=

Start on 5 and count back 3… you will land on the number 2.


Afternoon task- On this beautiful sunny day go into your garden and do some running, jumping, hopping, skipping. Use a ball if you have one to throw and catch for half an hour. Make sure your heart is beating faster and discuss why it is good for you to exercise. Don’t forget to take some photographs if you can.

Take care and have a lovely day

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon

Thursday 26th March Home Learning


Well our little superstars Day 4 is here already and we cannot honestly tell you all how proud we are. Some of the home learning that is being sent to us via email is just sensational...make sure you aren't letting your grown ups show off and do it for you wink but please Mums and Dads keep the home learning work, messages and photographs coming. We don't just appreciate the work you are doing with your children but also we miss you all so much and its important to us that we know that you are all happy, healthy and safe. Please email us and send your work and photographs to


Reading task- please ask your children to complete the word search. The words are hidden inside the square and children will need to use their pencil to circle the words that they find. Words can be written across, down, forwards, backwards and keep your eyes peeled for the first letter and have a look if the next letter is next in the grid. Encourage your child to read the word that they need to find first to really practise their blending to read. 


Writing task- We are all so well trained and super at washing our hands now so we thought it would be nice to have a go at writing the instructions so that we can share our knowledge with others. Think about what you need to do first, next, after, then and last and use these words in your writing if you can

Example... 'First put your hands under the tap'. There are some pictures to help you to see what order is correct and their are key words to help you but, as always, use your phonics knowledge to spell the word exactly how it sounds. 


Maths task- Encourage your child to go around the home indoors and outdoors in the garden to identify and sort objects that are light and heavy. Talk about comparing the light objects to use vocabulary such as lighter and which is the 'lightest', and do the same for the heavier objects, ensuring they aren't too heavy...we don't want to encourage picking up super heavy objects. The sorting chart can be used to either stick pictures or to write or draw the objects that you find. Be imaginative and please feel free to write down some of the language and vocabulary that the children are using.


Afternoon task- Use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer to research life cycles.All living things have a life cycle. The children are most familiar with the life cycle of a chicken, a frog and a butterfly but please think outside the box to look for plants, humans and any other animal you can think of. Ask the children to use the sound mats to help them to write what they can. This could be a label, some captions or full sentences, encouraging finger spaces in between each word and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 

Keep up the good work, and always remember to keep in touch. Any queries or worries, please don't hesitate to email.

Stay happy, our thoughts are with you all,

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon xx



Life cycle of a frog PowerPoint presentation

Wednesday 24th March: Home Learning


Happy Wednesday our little darlings, we hope you have enjoyed some sunshine yesterday and have enjoyed your home learning tasks, please keep us updated with what you are doing it home it really does make us smile to see you learning. 


Reading Task: To read the captions and to then match them to the correct picture, the children should be reading these captions independently The sheet we are referring to is below:

Writing Task: To use the stimulus sheet to write about what they can see and what happens at school. The children should be writing with their pre-cursive writing and focusing on handwriting and presentation. Allow the children to use their sound mat to help them as they spell , please encourage the children to work independently and help them when they need it. 

Maths Task: Use the elephant sheet, each colour represents a number, get your child to work on the sum they can do this with objects if they need to or use the counting on method. Please allow your child to do this independently and let them tell you the answer before they colour in. 

Afternoon Task: Today is time to be creative, your child can make a butterfly they can make this however they want, I will put some ideas below for you to use.


We are missing you all ever so much and school is very quiet without you, we hope you are all okay and enjoying your home learning tasks, we certainly are here at school. Again if you do need anything then please get in contact with us, as always sending you lots of love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Tuesday 24th March 2020 Home Learning

Hello all, we hope that yesterday was great fun for you and you enjoyed the tasks set. The learning prompts are there to help you and you should not feel worried about anything asked of you. 

We hope that you had time to play indoors and even had some time outdoors in your garden getting some fresh air.


Today please see your tasks for the morning and afternoon but please ensure that you are again enjoying your time with loved ones, watching a nice film together, playing with toys and finding exciting things to do with your grown ups in your house.


Reading task- using the book page border paper, please ask your child to write about their favourite story. They need to say what happens in the story and their favourite part. Use the letter formation prompts provided in your packs to practise your pre-cursive handwriting and to help with spelling, please use the sound mats provided in the pack. 

Writing task- using your garden designs from yesterdays learning task, please label the parts of your garden using the sound mat inside your pack to help you to segment to spell the words correctly. For example if your garden has a shed, segment sh e d to spell shed. Label as many parts of the garden as you can. 


Maths task- Please find 3D shapes in and around your house. The children need to use the 3D sheet provided in the pack to tally how many of each shape they can find. If you would like to take photographs of your child on their shape hunt then please do. We have attached a 3D shape information power point underneath for you to use.


Afternoon task- please encourage your child to help you make lunch. Think about what is healthy and remember safety first. Ensure your child washes their hands (they know the correct way to do this now following the 20 second rule) and talk through using tools and how they may be sharp. Enjoy this and please take photographs for their learning journey. 


Please remember that we are online all day to help you. If your child has siblings, please encourage them to begin their 'family project' all together as they can help and support each other. Take regular breaks and don't expect children to work for 6 hours per day as this is not necessary. Make sure you are having fun and remember that play is so important. Encourage fresh air, laughter and practical activities. Take care, stay safe and have a lovely day. Missing you as always

Miss Davies and MIss Newbon


Monday 23rd March 2020- Home Learning:


Happy Monday to all who are at home today, it is very strange to not see all of our ducks faces as normal and it will take some getting used to. But we can all do this together by helping each other, so if you do need us then please get into contact smiley

From your learning packs we would like you to do the following:

Reading Task: Using the high frequency word sheet mark off which words your child can read without segmenting and blending, then continue to practise the words they are struggling with for the rest of the week. A nice idea is to write the words on pieces of paper and put them around the house so your child can read them frequently. Below is the high frequency words we are referring to.


Writing Task: Two sheets are attached the children are to write five rhyming words for each word, we would like these words to be real words but if the children are struggling and think of fake words that is okay too. Please remind your child to write pre-cursively and use the sheet attached at the front of the home learning pack to support them a long with their sound mat to help them with spelling if needed. Again below is the rhyming sheet the children should be using.

Maths Task: We would like your children to write their numbers 1-20 using the square paper provided, if you want to practise before hand then that is fine. The children should write one number in each square, if they write a number in correct then please correct them and get them to re-write, you then know which numbers your child needs to continue to practise. 


Afternoon Task: We would like your child to design your garden, they can either exactly copy your garden or re-design it, that is completely up to them, we do love lots of imagination! We would really like the children to take their time and pride into their work and be as neat and as well presented as possible. Below is the design your garden sheet which is attached in your learning pack.


We will remind  you that your child's curriculum is play based and if they were attending school today then would be accessing play activities as normal so please encourage play, it is the best way for your child to learn laugh Also please remember your family project but we know today may have been a tough day with different routines but you are all doing great and would love to see what you are doing at home!

We will speak to you tomorrow and will show you what some of your friends are doing at school with us, keep safe, keep washing your hands and keep smiling. 

-Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x 

Friday 19th March 2020- Home Learning:


Hello our lovely ducks at home, we are missing you lots but hope you are all keeping safe and are all okay. We hope you all enjoyed doing yesterdays learning and feel confident in what you are doing. Today in school we have our assembly and PE, so we would like the children to be active as much as possible so if your child is feeling up to it then please encourage them to go into the garden and complete thirty minutes of exercise, this can be anything such as running, football etc... Please talk to your children about how they body feels before and after exercise and why exercise is so important.

Reading Task: Please let your child read their reading book to you, either in the first inside page or the last inside page will be several questions for your child to answer which we allow you to see if they understand what they have read.


Writing Task: It is Mother's Day on Sunday so the children are going to be discussing why they love their Mum and what things do they do for them. We would love for you to write down why you love your Mum and what they do for you and why they are so important. Below is a sheet you can write this on if you are able to print, if not then any piece of paper is fine. 


Maths Task: Can your child practise writing their numbers 1-20, some can do so independently and some will need support so please act accordingly. Please correct where needed and get the children to re write numbers they are finding difficult. 

Again please contact us if you need anything, we are always available if you need anything, no question is too small.

From Monday we will be putting our work we sent home in our Home Learning packs online and giving you more support and prompts to help. Please look at our useful website and prompt pages to help support our child at home. 

Lots of Love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Thursday 19th March 2020- Home Learning:


We will be sending home a reading, writing and maths activity each day for children who are currently at home self isolating, we would appreciate if your child practises their letter and number formation, reads their reading book or you read to them, practises their 2,5,10s and goes over all of their phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and memory words everyday. Find the links for our jolly phonics sounds and memory words below:

Jolly phonics songs:

Memory Words:


This week we have been learning about life cycles in a particular the life cycle of a butterfly, we would like you to read the document attached below to explain the life cycle to your child. We also looked at the metamorphosis of a butterfly on you tube which is a really good visual to use, again explain this is not in real life time but much faster, here is the link we used:

Writing Task: Once your child understands the cycle we would like them to draw it and then label it, there is an example below:


Reading Task: We would like your child to go onto the website and select the phase 3 option, there are many free games for your child to access which will develop their reading skills.


Maths Task: Attached below is several subtraction sums for the children to complete, depending on your child's ability they can either use objects or the counting back method to find the answers.

If you need any support then please use the contact button on the previous page, We are always available for any questions you have smiley


Please also remember your child's current curriculum is play based so they still need to be developing their skills through play such as construction, role play and water play. We would love to see photographs and any notes you have made about your child's fabulous learning. 


Keep safe and we are sending you lots of love, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart