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Wednesday 15th June Home Learning


Today your new teacher would like you to imagine you were Jack from Jack and the bean stalk. If you were to climb up the beanstalk, right to the top...what do you think you would find? Use your imagination to really think out of the box. It could be anything as crazy or as imaginative as you like. Jack found a magic castle, a golden hen and a golden harp...and a GIANT! It could be anything. Really think creatively. You can use your template below and draw a picture and also please write in full sentences and show how super you are at writing.


Have a super day 

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Tuesday 14th July 2020: Home Learning-

Good Morning Ducks, this week is all about transition and work which your teachers would like you to complete for Septembersmiley

The work set for today is:

-To write your hopes and dreams for the next year, I will put a template below for you which the Year 1 teachers would like you to use. This can be related to your school work or personally. 

-We wrote letters to our new teacher last week, you can re send them or you can re-write or copy onto the template we will add below from the Year 1 staff. 

-We would like the children to make a portrait of themselves in the frame below, we are using paint at school but we appreciated you may not have this at home so use what you have available.


I will be ticking off the work we received so new staff know who they have work from, so please send us your child's work. It is a very different year but we are still trying to aim for Waterside standards.

Thanks, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x


Monday 13th July 2020: Home Learning-


Morning Ducks, Your year 1 tasks for today are: 

-Writing about who lives in your house and your family

-Draw a picture of your family

-Do a large painting of a person who helps us


We will be more organised tomorrow with tasks for you smiley

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Friday 9th June 2020: Home Learning-


Happy Friday everyone! Lets hope that there is some sunshine today we have been promised to get some and we can finally put our new sun safety knowledge into practise! If you do show our sun safety knowledge independently at home please send us some photographs we will love to see them smiley

Today is the last day of your pack learning, next week we will be sending you daily tasks set by the Year 1 teachers so that they can have work to put onto their new displays in September, we expect everyone to send us daily work at and this is your chance to give a good first impression, so please do your very best! We will be doing the same in school.

Reading Task- Please check your child's phonics knowledge, this is sounds, memory words and high frequency words. Please continue to practise these over the holidays so the children have them fresh in their mind when in Year 1. Reading is the foundation to every curriculum and it is vital the children are progressing in this. 


Writing Task- Today is a focus on Capital Letters, the children should know all of the letter names for each letter of the alphabet now and some should be writing a capital letter to start each sentence so therefore should be able to write most of them. Below is a video we use at school which the children love  all about the letter names and then another below to support with formation of the capital letters.

letter sounds youtube

Learn letter sounds by watching and listening to this video compiled from Leap Frog

Writing Capital Letters | How to Write Alphabets | Beautiful Handwriting | Pre School Learning Video

Maths Task- Today is number formation, I know many of the children can write all numbers correctly so if they can then see what number they can write to, this could be to 20, 30, 50 or even 100! If your child can not form all letters correctly yet then please continue to work on this, practise does make perfect!


Afternoon Task- Today is Friday so as always it is our PE day, at school we are going to go onto the field and have a socially distanced sports event, doing some different races and things as we haven't had our normal sports day. You can do whatever exercise you wish, if the weather is nice then you could go for a walk, as long as your heart gets pumping that is fine by us. We always discuss with the children our heart rate and what happens before and after exercise so please do this at home and most of all have fun, we know we will smiley


Any questions then please get in touch,

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Thursday 9th July Home Learning


Good morning to you all. We hope you have a lovely day. We are hoping the sun shines a little today, we’ve been a bit fed up of all the rain!


Reading task- Today your task is to look at the picture below and to discuss what is in the picture. Please try to extend your learning by thinking what may have happened in the picture before when it was taken, and what might happen next, just as we would if we were to read a story together. Think what the characters names may be and how they are feeling in the picture. Discuss the picture and think about it in depth, rather than just describing the picture.



Writing task- Practise writing your letter formation. They are below to help you but please concentrate on the letter shape. You will need to be writing in a pre-cursive style the best you can ready for September in your new class.



Maths task- Today's maths is capacity. This means how ‘full’ and ‘empty’ something is. This does not always mean with water or liquid. Today you can experiment with water in different tubs/bottles/jars or bowls. Think about how to compare capacity. How many spoons full of water would fill your bottle and would you need more or less to fill a bigger bottle/smaller bottle/wider bottle? If you changed the size of your spoon, would you need more spoons full or less? Discuss and take some photographs to show us.


Afternoon task- Use your imagination and create a Summer scene. You could use a pencil and colour in a drawing of Summer, use your tablets to create a drawing using technology or create a 3d masterpiece. It’s completely up to you, remember independent ideas are what we are looking for at this time of year.


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Cartoon for Kids!!️ Finding capacity. Maths for Children

Capacity video

Wednesday 8th June: Home Learning-

I couldn't believe it when I wrote Wednesday today, I don't know where the days are going!surprise We are very busy in school getting your reports ready, work for the holidays, your new classes and just general preparation for the end of the academic year, oh and teaching your friends who are at school with us and having a memorable last few weeks. 

Hopefully next week we can share with you your child's new teacher ready for September smiley

Here is the learning for today:

Reading Task: It is Bug Club again, but if you can continue to work on your child's phonics knowledge and any gaps they have with sounds, memory words and high frequency words. They should be secure in phase 2 and 3 and be reading words with 4-5 syllables in them and should be reading their bug club books at 75% fluency, it is really important for Year 1. The children should be able to answer many questions about what they have read and know the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. Below I have put the jolly phonics video with the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and actions on should you wish to you it. 

Jolly Phonics Phase 3

Digraphs #Phonics Cheers ! ❤️Rashmi Venkatesh STAY CONNECTED: Instagram: Facebook:

Writing Task: In the pack is two sentence unscramble sheets for the children to do, they will need their glue and scissors for the first box and some crayons or felt tips for the next box. The children need to cut out the words at the bottom and make a sentence which makes sense, they are not written in precursive handwriting but as always we expect the children to write precursively with their best handwriting, handwriting is a whole school focus and is a huge area we are working on with the children. This task is very different than anything we have done before so we  hope the children enjoy it smiley I have put an image of the sheet below if anyone is unsure.


Maths Task: Today we have written height, however I can see that there is a seaside colour by number sheet which may be more useful to complete, the children need to add the numbers together to find the answer and the answer gives the colour the children need to use. As always you know your own child so they can complete the sums by using objects, a number line or the counting on method, at this time of year we would expect for them to be using the counting on method or doing the sums mentally. Below is the task sheet I am referring to. If you want to also do height then feel free, be as creative as you wish smiley

Afternoon Task: As the children are coming to the end of the EYFS play curriculum we want them to play imaginatively with their toys at home or even with things in the house like boxes, pots and pans whatever you feel like doing however the children should be incorporating many areas of learning now such as maths and writing as we would expect at school. They should have a clear narrative to their play and should be able to include you in that or even their siblings if they have any. Yesterday myself and the children created a lovely narrative with our class dragons and knights and we used different vocabulary we have learnt through different stories we have read this year, it is amazing what the children learn through play 


Any questions then please email as always, have a lovely day exploring and having fun! I know we will laugh

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Tuesday 7th July Home Learning 



Good morning to you all. We hope you have a lovely day. The end of term is in sight so make sure you have some time to think about your time in Reception. At school we are thinking about our happy memories together, even though this year it was quite short and sweet.


Reading task- Today is all about fluency. Log on to Bug Club and read a story that you have read before. Think about those high frequency words and memory words that you know to ensure you can just 'read; these words as you cant sound them out. This will make your reading so much quicker. 


Writing task- Write out your phase 2 and 3 memory words. This will ensure that you are phased 3 secure by the end of Reception ready for Key Stage One. 


Maths task- Think today about weight. Go around your house and find things that are heavy and light. You can order them and compare weight. How do we make things heavier. Ask yourself how we could change weight and are 'bigger' items always the heaviest? Give examples of where this is not always the case.


Afternoon task- Learning how to read and write is fundamental, but we want to know what life skills you have learned during your time learning from home. Have you learned to ride a bike? Or to cook with a grown  up? Take a picture and write us a sentence about what you have learned to do.


Have a lovely day 

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Monday 6th July 2020: Home Learning-


Happy Monday! We are now on count down to our last few weeks in Reception, I don't know where this year has gone, it has flashed before my eyes. Lets make this last few weeks of learning count! 

Reading Task- Today is all about the memory words, words which we cannot sound out we just have to know them! The children should be able to read all of the phase 2 and phase 3 memory words and beginning to know some of the phase 4, we provided a memory word mat in the first pack but I have inserted one below if you need it. You might want to write the words onto pieces of paper and put them around the house and garden for the children to find and read, its a fun way to do something which can be become boring! Below are the videos which we use as a reminder of our memory words, feel free to use them if you need to smiley

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! Check ou...

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! Phase 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky wor...

Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! Check out our online phonics game...

Writing Task- We want the children to write about the different clothes you would wear in summer compared to winter and why. For the children to be able to discuss the different clothing shows if they have a real understanding of the seasons and is one of our Early Learning Goal. The children should be writing at length now and should be writing independently as in Year One this is the expectation, they should be able to use the phonics and memory mat independently. The children's work should use finger spaces after every word, work should be well presented with pre cursive handwriting and some should children should be able to use full stop correctly to end a sentence. 

Maths Task- In the pack is a droplet missing number sheet for the children to complete today, children may not be confident with numbers past 20 however the children should see the patterns of the numbers and should be able to fill the empty droplets. The children should now be writing all of the numbers correctly and if not then please continue to practise this.


Afternoon Task- We would like the children to write a letter to their new teacher to tell their teacher all about themselves, the children can do this in anyway they want and it is up to them what they want their new teacher to know about them. You can be as creative as possible and do this task as you wish smiley


If you need anything then you know where we are, have a lovely day and keep smiling.

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Friday 3rd June 2020 Home Learning


A happy FRIDAY to you all. Another week down, two to go before the end of the Summer term. Its quite dad that we would usually be getting ready for sports day and graduation and thinking about our next classes, so today we would like you to talk to your grown ups about your new class and think about any worries you might be feeling. It is important to be positive and to see the past few months as an adventure and be proud that you have all done your best to keep each other safe. We have been and continue to be so proud of the way you have continued to show all of our school values because now more than ever you are an inspiration to us. 


Reading task- In your pack you will find an Under the Sea word search. Please use colours or a highlighter to find the words and highlight them off.


Writing task- Write how we stay safe in the sun. Think of all of the things that we can do as to not burn when we are out in the sunshine. Write them down in a list


Maths task- Looking again at the pack, there is a 3D shapes worksheet with lots of 3Ds shapes on it. Your task is to identify the names of each shape and count how many of each shape there are. 


Afternoon task- This afternoon play with your toys, have a lovely afternoon and see how imaginative you can be :) 


Have a super day and a wonderful weekend.

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Thursday 2nd July Home Learning 


Good morning to you all. Today your teachers will call you, have any stories ready to brighten up our day.



Your reading task- Log on to Phonics Play and choose the game of your choice. Work towards the phase 3 and 4 games.


Writing task- We would like you to talk about the differences that you will see between Summer and Winter. Please write 3 differences in full sentences using your phonics knowledge. Try to include full stops and capital letters and finger spaces.


Maths task- In your packs you will find a missing numbers worksheet. Work through this by looking at the number before and the number after to see what is missing.



Afternoon task- This afternoon is your chance to be creative and independent. An important skill to have ready for Key Stage One is having your very own ideas. You can use anything you like and make anything you like. I will put some ideas below but please use your imagination.



Have a lovely day. Yesterday we were talking about how much we miss you all. Stay safe and be happy

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Wednesday 1st July 2020: Home Learning-


Hello our little Ducks smiley Happy July, it has been a very long time since we last saw you and we cannot believe we are coming into the last few weeks of this academic year. We are really focusing on our skills in school and building on our knowledge to be secure and ready for our new adventure into Year One, below are our Early Learning Goals which are our end of year expectations, we did send them home in the very first pack in March but I have put them below as a reminder and a guide for you to use.

Here are today's tasks for you to complete:

Reading Task: Today we want the children to access Bug Club and to work on their fluency, the children should be able to read the book band allocated to them fluently with only needing to segment and blend some words. They should be aware of the high frequency and memory words and be able to recall them quickly. The children should also be confident in what they have read and can answer many comprehension questions about what they have read, the questions throughout the books should also show how good your child comprehension is. The children should be accessing Bug Club everyday so this is something they should be confident with now.

Writing Task: Today is a very different task which we haven't done before, we want the children to be imaginative in their writing. Using the stimulus prompt sheet in the packs, we want the children to answer the various questions and then from their answers draw what they written about. As always the same expectations apply in regards to phonics, presentation, finger spaces and handwriting, look at our writing Early Learning Goals, these give a good indication of what we expect.


 Maths Task: Today is all about subtraction, this is an area in school we have noticed the children have been struggling with and is an area we are going to continue to focus on. Below is a video for the children to use and from your own knowledge of your child's ability please give them sums accordingly this may be to 5, 10 or even 20 and they could be using objects, a number line or using the counting back method. Also in relation to maths we have found the children have needed a lot of recapping with the days of the week and the months of year, I have attached videos which we use as a stimulus to support with this.

When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)

WHEN YOU SUBTRACT WITH A PIRATE... Subtraction song for kids! Enjoy! Q: Can my class perform...

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

daysofweek #songsforteaching A sing-along to teach the days of the week (lyrics below). purchase this song on iTunes: Watch another day...

Months of the Year Song | Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

Watch all of our videos ad free with our app (desktop, apple, or android): Only $4.99 USD per month and $44.99 USD for a yea...

Afternoon Task: Today we have asked for the children to do Zumba Kids, it's an excellent way to exercise when we did it on Friday we all loved it, especially the one about minions, just type 'Zumba kids' into YouTube and videos will come up. This afternoon will also be a perfect time to look at the Early Learning Goal statements and see which areas your child needs to develop, we have tried to cover many of the areas but obviously our curriculum is play based normally so this may be what you want to do this afternoon. 


You are all doing amazingly and are coming into your fourth month of home schooling and the children are progressing and learning but most of all are happy and safe smiley We really do appreciate your hard work at home and as I always say 'not all heroes wear capes' and you are certainly proving that with all of the lovely work we are receiving. 

If you need anything then please email us, we are busy but we will get back to you when we can smiley

Have a lovely day, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Tuesday 30th June Home Learning


Good morning, the weather has turned on us! It is been super windy and cold the past couple of days!


Reading task- It is that time again to check your memory words and high frequency words. Here at school we practise the video every day. It is nice to be pick up one a day at least and now you can start to practise writing them. We will place them below for you to practise.



Writing task- in your books write your letter formation of your alphabet. Practise the shape of each letter correctly.


Maths task- in your books practise your number formation 1-20.


Afternoon task- In your packs you will find a sheet with a Mr Potato Head mixed up and not joined as one whole. Your task today is to cut out the shapes. When practising your cutting skills, it is important now to be cutting smaller and more intricate shapes out with control and following the lines beautifully.


Short and sweet today lovelies but if you need anything at all then send us an email. All of the activities are ones that you have done before and are just a practise and an update to check your own progress.


Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Monday 29th June Home Learning 


Good Morning Ducks smiley

 We hope you had a lovely weekend, with more and more places opening we are sure you ventured out whilst remaining safe and at distant from people who do not live with you.


This week are going to go into more detail with sun safety. We know that we touched upon it last week as the weather was very hot at times.

Reading task- We would like you to read the sun safety PowerPoint that is attached below. Use your phonics knowledge to read but as some words may be difficult, you can ask a grown up to help you. The main focus will be to understand what has been read. This is a nonfiction text. We would like you to find some features that help you to understand that this is a nonfiction text. It is giving us information and not telling us a made up story.


Writing task- Its that time of the week again where we tell our weekend news. The weeks have really flown by. This week we would like you to focus on making sure your work makes sense. To do this please write one sentence and pause. Pause to reread your work back. This not only ensure that you can read your own work (an Early Learning Goal skill) but it also helps when placing your full stop and capital letters. When you have completed one sentence, stop and make sure you have a full stop at the end and a capital letter at the beginning. Read your work, make sure it makes sense and take a minute to think about the sentence you wish to write next. This will really ensure that you are ready for Key Stage One.

As always you now should be secure at phase 3 phonics so please use your own phonics and use a sound mat without a grown ups support. You can do it! Please send in your independent writing to show us.

Maths task- Today we look at money. We have touched upon it before so have a look at the YouTube video link below and jog your memory on recognising the different coins and their features (colour, size and shape). Today though there is a sheet in your work pack that requires you to add up using coins. This does not mean to add the number of coins you have but instead adding up the value of the coins. For example if you have five 1p coins, it is the same as having one 5p coin. Likewise, if you have two 2p coins and one 1p coin, you do not have 3p…you have 2p+2p+1p=5p. You will have three coins but a total of 5pence. Have a practise with coins that you have in the house. Practise makes perfect.

Afternoon task- It’s been a while since you started learning from home when we asked you to draw what you see out of your window. Things will have changed from 15 weeks ago. Choose a window that is closed and safe to look out of. Please draw what you see and label what is outside. You can use the correct colours to colour it.


Have a super duper day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Friday 26th June Home Learning 


WOW what another sunny and hot day yesterday was! Here at school we were very careful and made sure we stayed in the shade for most of the day. We kept our rooms cool by closing the blinds and opening the windows. Its not good to get too hot. We drank lots of water and did our learning in short bursts, making sure we had lots of rest too. Please do the same when learning from home in these hot conditions. 


It was lovely to speak to most of you yesterday. If we did not call you or manage to get through, one of your teachers will try again today. As always, enjoy your day and remember the sun safety PowerPoint from yesterday. 


Reading tasks- Its that time to check your own progress in phonics, your sounds, memory words and those high frequency words. At school we use the YouTube video as attached below. Its good to watch these videos daily just to keep on top of them. If you struggle to read any of the sounds or words, jot them down as your 'relearn' list and try to spend five minutes each day reading and retaining what they say. The resources you need are attached below. 


Writing task- The past few weeks we have looked at Sharing a Shell, The Rainbow Fish and now under the sea animals. Here at school we have a clear favourite...the turtle...but yours may be an anenome, a certain fish, a shark or a seahorse! Whichever is your favourite, we would like you to write about it. We have told the children at school that we are focusing on quality over quantity now. We only need 3 or 4 sentences from you, but we would like them to include phase 3,4,5 phonics, finger spaces, capital letters and we would like you to be able to read your work back now. This is a requirement for the Early Learning Goal in writing and will ensure you are ready for key stage one. 


Maths task- In your worksheet pack you will find the following worksheet on halving. To means to split/divide a number into two equal parts. Follow the worksheet and answer the questions. 


Afternoon task- ensuring you stay cool, log on to YouTube and type 'kids Zumba' into the search bar. Choose your favourite Zumba exercise video and copy. Make sure you have a drink handy and rest when you need to. You might want to do this in the morning when it isn't as hot outside.


Have a lovely day, and weekend. Anything you need send us and email and please please please send us some photographs to our email address. Your friends in school are asking about you and we love to show them your photographs.


Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Learn to Half - Halving Story - Sharing Story - Maths Story

learntohalf #halving #mathstory Learn to have with Sophie and her brother using sweets.

First 100 High Frequency Words with voice and background music.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! Phase 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky wor...

Thursday 25th June: Home Learning-

I knew the sunshine was coming and it has been a lovely change from the rain, it was very hot yesterday and at school we only went out in the morning to protect ourselves from the strong UV rays in the afternoon, we have spoke in detail to the children about sun safety and its importance so please discuss this with your children and below is a story which we listened to on Youtube in support of this.

George The Sun Safe Superstar - AXA PPP healthcare

This is a story of how a boy became known by a very, very special name. How he spread a message, near and far, and became a Sun Safe Super Star! Featuring th...

Please keep sending us your child's work either through or through our class dojo app we really like seeing what the children are doing and it allows us to give feedback where needed. We know you will want to spend some time in the sunshine, the morning tasks shouldn't take too long and the afternoon task is a lovely one for you to do outside together and do this when you feel best depending on the heat.


Reading Task: Today we want the children to access Phonics Play, they have recently updated their website and there are new games for the children to access which is excellent and we have really enjoyed this at school, we have focused on real and non-real words a lot as it is a concept some of the children find difficult but after months of working together at home you will know which area your child needs to focus on. 

Writing Task: Continuing with our theme of under the sea we want the children to imagine what they would see if they dived into the ocean and to write about it. Below I have put a video of an under the sea theme which the children can use as a stimulus, at school we were talking about the fact we were going to go to the aquarium as a class trip and discussed what we think we would see. As always with writing we want the children to focus on presentation and handwriting, using their phonics knowledge to spell words and when writing memory and high frequency words and we are putting a huge focus on to use finger spaces after each word to make the children's work easier to read, so please push this at home smiley


11 HOURS Stunning 4K Underwater footage + Music | Nature RelaxationTM Rare & Colorful Sea Life Video


Maths Task: Today is a focus on doubles to 10, the children should be able to recall doubles with quick recall and should be able to discuss what double means e.g. adding the same number together. We have put a sheet into your packs which is below for the children to complete, most should just know the answers but if you feel your child doesn't then they can count the spots. The children should now be writing all numbers correctly now, if your child is struggling with certain numbers please keep practising these daily.


Afternoon Task: We want the children to learn about floating and sinking, we want the children to collect different objects and predict if they think they will sink and float and discuss why they think that, floating and sinking is a lovely area of learning which we get lots of vocab from so please encourage lots of talking whilst exploring. They then see if their prediction as correct and again discuss why they think they are correct or incorrect.



CBeebies | Do You Know Songs | Sinking and Floating

Sing along as Maddie finds out what floating and sinking is all about. If you would like to watch full episodes of Do You Know? visit CBeebies iPlayer - http...

Have a lovely day and have lots of fun we know we will in school, we are missing you all lots!

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Wednesday 24th June Home Learning


Good morning to you all. Well we were promised some sunshine, and sunshine we got! Yesterday afternoon was glorious and today promises the same. Get outside in the garden and enjoy- but wear sun cream. Next week we are learning all about sun safety so you can talk about that in preparation!


Reading task- Today log on to Bug Club, read a story or a nonfiction text and read with pace. Think what your book is doing-is it giving you information or is it taking you on an adventure. Discuss this and talk about your book in detail. 


Writing task- Using the phase 3 worksheet in your packs- write a sentence about the picture. At the top you will find a picture of a crab and a net. You need to write the initial sounds. Then read the green box with a sentence in and answer the question it asks. Finally look at the picture at the bottom, a picture of under the sea and write what you can see. Try to use phase 3 vocabulary. 


Maths task- Write your numbers in 2's 5's and 10's patterns. Remember your 2's will be all numbers that count in 2's, your 5s are writing every fifth number and your tens are writing every tenth number. Discuss it with a grown up first and use objects to help you if you need to.


Afternoon task-  It says on your packs to make a habitat for a creature using construction but here in school we have decided to use the beautiful weather to explore 'shadows'. Go outside and think of how shadows work. They are objects that block the sun from reaching the ground so when you stand in the suns way, your body shape creates a shadow. Explore what shadow shapes you can create and ask a grown up to take a picture. You can even swap round and take crazy photographs of your grown ups being silly in the sun. 


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart


Tuesday 22nd June Home Learning


Good morning to you all. So many of you are still sending your fabulous home learning in to show us and it makes us smile so much. Lots of you are really getting ready for Year One and becoming so much more independent. We stated to learn about sea turtles yesterday following child interest in school. If you find our anything super interesting, let us know :)


Todays tasks, 

Reading tasks- In your pack you will find a word search of phase 4 memory words (tricky words). By the end of the year you need to be able to read and write the phase 3 tricky words and lots of you can already do this. That is fab news but if you know some of the phase 4 tricky words too, it will help to prepare you for key stage one. Tricky words in phase 4 are, said, have, like, some, come, little, one, were, there, what, when, out. Remember how to find word in the word search. Identify the first letter and remember the word can then travel in any direction- as long as the next letter touches the previous one! It might trick you and go backwards so keep your eyes peeled. 


Writing task- its that's time again to practise your letter formation. We are looking at school for application of pre cursive handwriting in independent work. Remember to lead from the line and take care to copy the shape of each letter. 


Maths task- In your pack you will find a number bonds to 10 worksheet. We practised this last week. This sheet is a consolidation of your learning so please try to do it on your own. Number bonds are the two numbers that make ten. If I have 5, I would need 5 more to make ten. 5+5 is 10. 


Afternoon task- Get your iPad, computer or laptop if possible. Use this to do whatever you like! You can colour, draw or complete a game of your choice. Remember to take a break and don't spend all afternoon or you may get a headache.


I think we are promised some sunshine today, so have a play in your garden or go on a little walk with a grown up.


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Monday 22nd June 2020: Home Learning-


Happy Monday everyone, here is to a new week and some more learning for you on the journey from Reception to Year One, this week we are continuing to work on the sea and what you would find in the sea. Miss Newbon and Miss James were telling me how interesting turtles are and they love researching all about them so that is something we are going to do in our bubbles this week so please feel free to do so too laugh We know that things are beginning to change and the community is starting to open up again but we just want to remain you all to keep safe smiley Lets have a look at the work set today for you, any questions then email us or message us via class Dojo.


Reading Task- Today's reading task is to use Bug Club, in school we have used Bug Club to read fiction and non-fiction books and we have discussed the features of both and how they differ. Fiction books are stories which are not real and have illustrations, characters and a plot, non-fiction books are texts which give us information they have photographs, contents and index pages and you don't have to read the whole book. Below is a picture to support on this.


Writing Task: We want the children to write about what they have done at the weekend, it was Father's Day yesterday so we hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed some sunshine. It is really important that the children are becoming resilient and are working independently, they should be able to use the sound and memory word mat independently and writing all words phonetically. The children should be using a finger space after every word now and if you feel your child can then they should have a full stop to end a sentence and a capital letter to start a sentence. Presentation and handwriting remains a focus, all letters start on the line in one fluid motion, ascenders are tall and descenders go under the line, all other letters should remain the same size. We have been doing daily handwriting in school and if you feel this is appropriate for your child then please try and do it at home smiley

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

This is a cursive writing demonstration video showing how to write the letters of the alphabet in their precursive form, which will support your cursive (joi...

Maths Task- Maths today is a focus on 3D Shapes, below is a video to recap the 3D shapes the children may even want to go on a 3D shape hunt around the house, this may remind them of shape names and properties. In the packs which were sent home you will find a 3D shape colouring sheet of a house which we would like the children to complete, please carefully explain to the children what they are expected to do.

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "3D Shapes Song" - an upbeat, funky music video that shows various three dimensional shapes. Join our characters as they learn 4 ...

Afternoon Task- It is only a small task for the afternoon which is colouring, we want the children to really concentrate, choose their colours carefully and correctly with everything within the lines. Colouring is excellent for children's fine motor skills and hand muscles and we have put a colouring sheet into the pack for you to use unless you have something at home. 


We would then like the children to focus on a life skill, we sent out a list of life skills at the beginning of the pack for the children to try and achieve, I also know lots of the children have been struggling with the recent weather and the sun should be shining today so if they want to go outside and explore then please do so, it is a part of our curriculum and we will most certainly be doing lots of our learning at school outside too. 

Have a lovely day we cannot wait to see what you have been doing and I know your friends at school cannot wait either smiley

Lots of Love until tomorrow, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Friday 19th June: Home Learning-

Happy Friday, another wonderful week done and full of lots of learning, we hoped you enjoyed the rainbow fish story and have enjoyed the tasks set this week. The rain yesterday was very miserable but at least the plants got a big water and hopefully some sunshine is on the horizon!

I have been on a first aid course for two days but Miss Newbon has been telling me about all of your lovely work which you have been doing, I am very proud of you as always smiley I know you all enjoyed your phone conversations with Miss Newbon and Mrs Foster yesterday, Mrs Foster hasn't spoken to some of you for such a long time and she loved talking to you. Lets have a look at what we are doing today;


Reading Task: Using the sheet provided in the pack (I have put it below) get your child to circle the word which corresponds to the picture, encourage them to use their phonics knowledge and segmenting and blending skills if they cannot read the words fluently. I have noticed in school that some of the children have gaps in their knowledge in regards to phase 3 sounds and memory words so please continue to focus on this at home. The children should also be accessing Bug Club everyday also, its a great website to use and is so importance for your child's reading development, any questions about Bug Club then please email us and we will always help.


Writing Task: We want the children to write adjectives which describe the rainbow fish, you can write this as a list in their exercise book. Adjectives are words which describe something so the children may say words such as shiny, glittery, big etc... Phonics remains a priority and the children need to be using their sound mat to support themselves making sure they are listening to the sounds in the words carefully and remaining focused on their letter formation.


Maths Task: Today is all about Time, each child will be different with their time knowledge some may only know O'clock others may know half past, quarter to and quarter past. It is really important for the children to understand their day and what order things happen in. We want the children to draw pictures of their day in the correct order and then draw a clock to show what time they do such things. If your child only knows O'clock then they only draw clocks showing o'clock etc... I have put a video below all about time for the children to access.


Telling Time For Children - Learning the Clock

Check out the new math game we made at It is a full video game called Mage Math that helps kids build confidence in math while havi...

Afternoon Task: Friday is our PE day so we want the children to get active and you can do that in what ever way you wish, running, following Jo Wicks, Yoga or even Learning Station songs. We have really enjoyed the Learning Station songs in school this week, I have linked one below but if you type it into YouTube lots will come up for you 


Have a lovely weekend, keep emailing us with your work we have been showing the children in our bubbles what you have been up to at home and they have loved it. 

Many Thanks, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x 

A Ram Sam Sam Dance - Children's Song - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Thursday 18th June Home Learning


Good morning. Today you will hear from your grown ups again :) our very favourite day. Miss Davies will call in the morning and Miss Newbon in the afternoon. 


Reading tasks- today log into your Bug Club, read a book and work on pace, ready for key stage one. Answer the comprehension question and see if you can ask your grown ups questions to check they were listening to you :)


Writing task- Write a list of rhyming words from the story Sharing a Shell story or a list from your very own stories at home. The idea of rhyming words is that their endings are the same and the sound the same. Send us some pictures of what you come up with.


Maths task- You will find a subtraction worksheet in your packs. Remember to subtract mentally you will need to put the first number in your head and the second on your fingers. Count backwards from the first number.


Afternoon task- In your packs please find a cutting skills worksheet. Or even draw your very own picture and cut around it. The task is to practise your cutting skills and the aim is for you now to be as independent as you can be. So the more creative you are the better, draw your very own rainbow fish or under the sea creature and cut around it if you do not wish to use the cutting skills sheet provided.


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies 

Wednesday 17th June Home Learning


Good morning lovelies. Apologies for yesterday, the website did not save. Thanks to the few that emailed in. If it is to happen again and we do not receive your messages early enough with teaching in school, you can refer to your packs which will give you information on what to do. If you are still stuck, send us an email or ring in school, we are here to help.


Back up and running today though....


Reading tasks- In the packs there is a Rainbow Fish sequencing sheet. Use You tube to listen to the story, again and again if you should wish. Your task will be to cut out the pictures and stick them down, or take a picture of them in the correct order. You can then retell the story to your grown ups. 


Writing tasks- When you feel you know the story well use a pencil and your exercise books to rewrite the story. Use your phonics knowledge. You can have some support with your sentence structure. Try to write at least 3 sentences.


Maths tasks- I will attach a website for you to complete mental maths questions. Start with addition and then move on to subtraction if you wish. Remember to add mentally you can put the first number in your head and count on using the second number on your fingers. 


Afternoon task- Use objects around your house to make a 3D fish. I will post some ideas below. 


Have a lovely day and we are here if you should need us. Keep sending your learning, we love to see it and we do share some of the pictures with your friends in class as we receive them.


Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart


Monday 15th June 2020: Home Learning


Happy Monday, we hope you all had a lovely weekend and hopefully we get to see some sunshine this week smiley Hopefully you have all now received your packs, if not please email us to inform us and we will get them to you as soon as we can. The next two weeks we are going to be learning about 'The Rainbow Fish' which is one of my favourite stories and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Reading Task- We would like the children to watch the rainbow fish story, please ask them lots of questions to see if they understand what they have heard and encourage them to ask lots of questions and explain words which they may not have heard of before. Does this story remind them of a story which they have previously read before? Can they discuss the characters, what happens at the beginning, middle and end? Do they like the story, if so why?

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "...

Writing Task- As always on a Monday we want the children to write their weekend news, with new rules in place in relation to Covid-19 the children may have been doing different things which we would love to hear about smiley We have noticed with the children who have come back to school that handwriting is still a focus area so please keep reminding your child about this, encourage them to use their sound mat and memory word mat and make them really listen carefully to what they are spelling. As Year One is fast approaching the children need to be working independently, they should now be able to write without asking for support for every word and start using their own initiative to write and using the prompt mats provided. 

Maths Task- Today we would like the children to focus on patterns and making their own patterns, this can be with anything but we want the children to be using deeper knowledge so we want them thinking about size and colour as well as objects, be as creative as possible.

Afternoon Task- In school the children have asked to do colour mixing and to get messy so we thought that our little ducks at home would want to do the same. You can do colour mixing in lots of different ways such as with paint and colouring whatever you have at hand try and utilise. Let the children predict what they think is going to happen before they do it and see if they can get the colours correct, you may also want to look at light and dark colours and how white and black effect colours. Most of all we want you to have fun! laugh Below is a video we will be using to discuss Colour Mixing before we start our activity.

Kids vocabulary - Color - color mixing - rainbow colors - English educational video Kids vocabulary - Color - colour - color mixing - rainbow colors - Learn English for kids - English educational ...

As always please send us your pictures and your work, we know we aren't replying as quick as normal but we are looking at all of your work whilst we are busy in our little bubbles. Sending you all lots of love and you know you can contact us any time with anything. We are all missing you so much. Mrs Gardiner says thank you so much for all of her pictures, we went to visit her last week to give them to her and it really made her smile, I know she is missing you all too! 

Have a lovely day

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Friday 12th June Home Learning


Good morning :). It was so lovely to speak to the majority of you yesterday. Its lovely to hear that you are all still so motivated to learn from home and are progressing so well. 


Reading tasks today- Follow the link below. You will find a video of your high frequency words which are displayed quite quickly. Watch this and see how many you can read with pace. You can pause the video any time you wish and try to test yourselves and push your abilities to read them. This will make your reading much quicker and make you  a more confident reader.


Writing task- Write your phase 2 and 3 memory words. If you can do this. Ask a grown up to read out the phase 4 and 5 memory words to see how many you can write. Don't forget your pre cursive letter formation. 



Maths task- Measuring and comparing. Using your hands as a non standard unit of measurement. Count how many 'hands' tall different objects in your house are. You can measure the television, the sofa, the kitchen units...anything at all! Discuss what is taller and shorter in 'hands'. 


Afternoon task- Go on to YouTube and type in 'The Learning Station'. You will be familiar with different actions ongs such as 'Boom Chicka Boom' and 'Ram Sam, Sam' and many more. Have a lovely dance afternoon and teach your grown ups the dances we sometimes do as our 'brain breaks' in school. (See link at bottom if required :)) 


Have a lovely weekend. You should all have your packs by the end of today (sorry for the inconvenience) and will be able to start on Monday with the resources that you need.


Lets hope for some warmer weather

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Thursday 11th June Home Learning 


Good morning. Today at some point you will be hearing from you teachers :) we love a Thursday where we get to hear your wonderful voices. Miss Davies will be calling in the morning and Miss Newbon in the afternoon.


Have a lovely day guys , here are your tasks


Reading tasks- Log on to Bug Club today and choose another book. Please answer the questions and like we are doing in school, work on pace and fluency. If you would like to video the children and send it to us then that would fabulous for us to see their progress. 


Writing task- Watch the Sharing a Shell video again on YouTube. Then ask the children to rewrite the story. Ask the children to use their sound mat and support them with what happened first, next and last. Three sentences is good but ask the children to test themselves and push their limits to do their very best.


Maths task- In the packs their is a doubling and halving worksheet. Ask the children to complete this as independent as possible. Double means to add two of the same numbers. Halving means to split a number within two. Any problems then let us know :)


Afternoon task- Draw your own pictures of the characters from the story. You can attach them to straws or lollypop sticks should you have access to them or even a spoon or fork from the kitchen to create your very own story puppets. Then you can retell the story all by yourself :) 


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies


Wednesday 10th June Home Learning


So we should all be now quite familiar with 'Sharing a Shell'. Here at school we have had so many wonderful discussions about the rockpool habitat and we have even done some of our own research. There are many wonderful videos and so much interesting information to be found. If you find any fun facts about the creatures and living things in a rock pool then be sure to email us and let us know! 


Reading task- Going back to the Sharing a Shell story, you may want to watch it a time or two more to be even more familiar with the order. Today we would like your children to sequence the story. If you have your pack then please use the pictures provided to put in order. You can take a picture or cut and stick the pictures. If you have not received your pack yet, you will receive it very soon but today you can ask your child to draw 4 pictures to describe what happens in the correct order of the story.  


Writing task- Please talk to your child about the morals of the story. The story is bout being kind and sharing. Ask your child why 'they' think its important to be kind and ask them to use their phonics to write this down in full sentences. 


Maths task- Again if you have your packs, there is a number bonds to 10 worksheet to complete. If you haven't, please discuss number bonds to 10. This is the ways we make ten. You can use objects to make 10 for example if I show 4 fingers, how many do I need to make 10 for example. 


Afternoon task- Use construction/objects or 3d shapes to make a 'wonderful house for three' to symbolise the characters who share a shell in the story. Be as imaginative as possible and ask your child to be as independent as they can. You can help to gather resources :)


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Tuesday 9th June Home Learning 


Firstly huge apologies for the problems in links yesterday, and thank you to those that noticed, emailed and found alternative learning in the few cases where we weren't at the laptop to reply soon enough. We really appreciate you support. 


Reading task- Back online this morning for your reading task but I'm pretty sure lots of you have been able to access Phonics Play for the whole time away from school. Log on to Phonics play and choose the Buried Treasure game. We would like you all to be accessing phase 3 by now and phase 4 or even 5 if you can, but by the end of the school year all children need to be applying their phase 3 digraphs when reading words. Reading real and non-real words is what children are tested on in their Year 1 Phonics check so this is a really important skill for all to learn.


Writing task- Below is a picture of a rock pool which links to our story we are doing this week 'Sharing a shell' Ask your children to write what they see and what they know from researching rock pools yesterday. They should be writing in full sentences now and adding full stops and capital letters appropriately. Send us a picture of the finishing product :)  Remember your handwriting and memory words this is still a focus for many of our children.


Maths task- Today is a discussion based on distance. Talk to your child about things that are near and far. It would be an Early Learning Goal skill if the children could compare places that are closer and further away and link this to how long it would take to walk there. As a task ask your child to draw something that is near, further away and far away from their drawn house. They can label and draw an arrow to show how far away it is from their home. 


Afternoon task- Choose a creature that lives in a rock pool from the story 'Sharing a Shell'. Then take this time to research your chosen creature. What do they eat? Where do they live? Do they require a shell? Think about all of the imaginative questions you could type into Google Kids. The Early Learning Goal skill here is to use technology and to know that different apps (safe for children to use) can provide us with different information. See what you can find out and teach yourselves smiley


Miss Gaskell now wants us to use Class Dojo as an incentive for the children to earn points for doing their home learning and sending it through email to staff to earn a green dojo, we are still using our Dojo behaviour system in school with the children in our bubbles and this allows you to see in real time when children are being rewarded. I have sent all parents Dojo Codes and Miss Newbon is doing so today, as always we are learning along with you how to use Dojo in this new way and with its communication properties so please bare with us and as always any questions just ask laugh


Have a lovely day and again we are sorry for the inconvenience yesterday

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Monday 8th June Home Learning


Good morning. We hope that you all had a lovely weekend. This week we start to look at a story that some of you may be familiar with. We are going to start thinking about the seaside and Summer. The story of the week is 'Sharing a shell'.


Reading task- Log on to This will take you to the link of Sharing a Shell the story that we would like you to be familiar with. Talk through the story with you child, discuss the characters, the setting and the plot. Talk about any rhyming words and anything that you notice from the story. 


Writing task- When you have discussed the story, ask your child to write the charatcers. If they need to re-listen to the story they can and you can support with how the words sound. Please ask them to use their own phonics to write the words how they sound. 


Maths task- Log on to 

Your child will be familiar with this website and they should be quite independent in completing the shape train. 


Afternoon task- Today we start a new little mini topic. The setting of the story is rock pools and they have so much interesting information to teach us. Spend some time on the internet, safely researching rock pools. You can discuss what your child finds or ask them to write it if they wish to. Think about the habitat to living creatures, the rocks, the water and the environment of a rock pool.


Have a lovely day, if you need anything at all please send us an email.

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Friday 5th June Home Learning 


Friday is here again. Its been a different week with the mixture of weather and the first week back in class with some of our children here at school. However its been a fabulous week and we hope it has for our beautiful friends at home too. It was lovely to speak to most of you yesterday and to hear about what great things you have been getting up to apart from your home learning. Most of you are enjoying the tasks set and really getting your teeth into it. You are all an inspiration. Have a lovely Friday and a lovely weekend.


Reading task- I will attach the high frequency word list. Ask your child to read through the list and make a note of the ones that they do not know. It is attached below. These words allow for more pacey and fluent reading as your child will just be able to read them rather than to orally decode and blend before reading the word. 


Writing task- Ask your child to practise their pre cursive handwriting and capital letters. Use the sheet below to help but ideally now they will be able to link their lowercase letters with their upper case capital letters. By the end of the year we would love to see the majority of letters being formed correctly. Any support on particular letters, let us know and we will do our best to send you some more resources via email.




Maths task- I believe the website I gave yesterday was not found for the maths task. I am super sorry if this was the case and I had a couple message and ask for an alternative website to practise maths skills on. The website today is excellent and uses characters that they children may be familiar with so they should enjoy this one :)  


The children will love this site ( and the link definitely works). Allow them to explore and choose their own games.


Afternoon task- Whatever you make for breakfast, lunch or dinner, allow the children to join in today. Or you can bake if you have the ingredients :) Show us what you make/bake and enjoy discussing the measuring and mixing and the creative side of being in the kitchen. You can discuss safety in the home too :) 


Enjoy your day and have a lovely weekend 

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Thursday 4th June Home Learning


Good morning to you all. We hope you all had a good day although it wasn't very nice weather at all yesterday! It was quite cold as well as us having some rain. We hope for you all to receive your learning tasks by the end of this week. Today you will be hearing from your teachers at some point. Please have any questions ready to ask us. Its been a while since we spoke with half term last week so we are really looking forward to speaking to you all.


Todays tasks;


Reading task- Gather your child's memory word mat from the pack. It may be in the very first pack that we sent to you. I will place them below also for any of you who have misplaced them. Test your child's knowledge and be wowed at their progress. Let us know what phase they are secure in. 

Writing task- Use the blue book to now test your child and ask them to write each of the memory word that they could read. The words that the children can read but not write will now become their focus to ensure that they can read them as well. 


Maths task- This afternoon, please go on to the internet and type in the following web address. 


Ask the child to play the game and to answer the questions by counting backwards as independent as possible. 


Afternoon task- Ask your child to be creative and to make 'anything' that they wish. They can spend some time thinking about what they want to make and then gathering resources. The most imaginative ( and independent) will receive a certificate sent electronically by their class teacher :)


So a day of testing yourselves and being imaginative today...enjoy and stay busy not the weather isn't as beautiful and sunny 


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies 

Wednesday 2nd June


Good morning to you all. Two days into June and the weather is still not letting us down. I hear we can expect a little bit of rain today so let’s see. It has been lovely again to receive lots of emails, we have been sharing lots of them with your friends in school because they miss you lots.


Reading task- There is a document attached where children need to read the phase three and four sentences and match to the picture. Allow the children to read the sentences and to retain what they read in order to match to the correct picture.


Writing task- Ask your child to look at the picture below and write a sentence about it. They can write what you can see and what is happening in the picture. Use your sound mat and remember we need to try and allow the children to be as independent as possible now.



Maths task- type this website into the search bar at the top of your internet page. The games on this website are excellent and really good fun for your child to play on their own as part of our maths Early Learning Goals.


Afternoon task- You might want an afternoon of relaxing this afternoon, especially if the weather is not as pleasant. Go onto YouTube and find a Cosmic Yoga for kids-allow your child to choose their favourite one and complete a short yoga session.


Enjoy your day, you can expect a paper pack by the end of the week J

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies.

Tuesday 2nd June  Home Learning


Today we have had a lovely day and all of your friends who are in school hope that you have too. We have been thinking about and have drawn a picture of someone special to us that we miss and it was lovely to receive ones from you at home and I've even been able to send some on to remind friends how much we miss them.


Today promises another warm day so please remember if you are in the sun to wear suncream! 


Todays tasks

Reading task- Log in to the Spelling Shed app. Test your phonics knowledge. Most of you should be working at phase 3 and if not phase 4 by now! Push yourself to be the best you can be and complete the games as independent as possible.


Writing task- Write about the friend that you drew a picture of yesterday. Think about why you miss that friend and write a message to them. Be as imaginative as possible and remember to be kind. We are all missing each other lots and lots and its nice to be nice :). Use your sound mats to help if needed and read back your own work to make sure your writing makes sense. Full stops help to separate each sentence and to make your writing more clear. Please try to write 2 or 3 sentences. 


Maths task- Today log in to Purple Mash and complete the games. The Early learning Goals for Maths are posted below. Work on games that allow you to progress in these areas. These are the skills we expect you to be independent in at the end of Reception. Choose your own game today and let us know how you do :) 


Afternoon task- Enjoy an afternoon of Zumba :) If you prefer to dance outdoors whilst the weather is so beautiful, feel free to make up your own moves to music on a CD player or other device if you have one. Enjoy your exercise.


Have a lovely day and remember that although your teachers are teaching, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Love as always, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Monday 1st June   Home Learning


Welcome back from your May half term holiday. What super hot one its been. I've even been able to get out in my garden and enjoy the lovely weather, and I thought of all of you who I'm sure have had a great week of fun with loved ones in, whether it be in paddling pools or playing games, riding bikes or having a picnic. Whatever you've been up to, we cant wait to hear all about it :) 



Some of us return to school today. If you don't, please do not worry. We will miss you lots and lots but every one is different and are in very different situations at the moment. Those in school will be accessing the very same learning as in the home learning packs and someone will be available to try to help you with any worries or concerns that you have. The main thing is that you stay happy and healthy.


Tasks for today are as follows..


Reading task- Log on to your child's Bug Club account. They might have had a week of no reading at all, so ask the children to surprise themselves  at how super they are. Ask questions that are at the end of their book and start to think if the text is fiction or non fiction. The discussions your child has about the book is a high skill and will be super important in Key stage 1. At the beginning of lock down we gave you some question cards as little prompts to help you with questions to ask. It really shows understand of what your child has read themselves, and shows not only are they using their phonics knowledge but also their comprehension skills. We will be continuing to work on fluency now too, ensuring the children are not blending letters together when really they can just sight read the words, making their reading more pacey and more enjoyable to both read and to listen to. 


Writing task- We want to hear about your child's holiday news. We know their hasn't been many places to visit, but we are sure their is always something amazing to tell us. Ask them to be as independent as possible. One, two or three sentences are good but if your child can write more then please ask them to show off and really start to write in an Early Learning Goal manner. Remember full stops at the end of the sentence and always begin with a capital letter. 


Maths task- A nice little game that the children may not have accessed yet as a bit of a change, to test their independent addition knowledge. We have really kept on top of addition during home learning as it will be a key maths concept in key stage one. Children by the end of the year need to count on to find a new total. Take a look at this website and ask your child to have a go.


Afternoon task- Ask your child to talk to you about their friends at school. Ask them who they play with and who they like to learn with. They will miss this child and we hope it makes them happy to talk about them. Ask your child to think about what they look like and ask them to draw them. They could label their picture and colour with the correct hair and eye colour. They can us ehtir imagination. They can draw them in their uniform or in an outfit of their choice. If your child wants us to send their picture to their friend then we can :)


Have a lovely day of what I think is going to be another lovely sunny day, we are being very lucky with the weather :)

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart


Friday 21st May Home Learning


Good morning, the end of another week! We hope you all have a lovey day and we are online all day if you should need anything at all. Next week is half term and so there will be a half term challenge on the website rather than set work each day. Please still do send us pictures as there will be a special page on the website to showcase your wonderful challenges.


Reading task- Go on to phonics play and choose the correct phase for your reading books to practise the wonderful phonics games on the site. You can choose any of the games but try to challenge yourself. See if you can beat your score each time you try.


Writing task- In your blue book, have a think about what your favourite home learning has been. You can flick through the book to jog your memory. Use your sound mat and memory word mat to write independently in sentences about your favourite learning. 


Maths task- In the home learning pack, practise the one more or one less number sheet. Remember the number before is one less and to find one more you think about the number that comes next. You should be able to do this all by yourself now :) Good luck and don't forget to send us a picture.


Afternoon task- Looking back to your learning packs, you will find an outdoor learning bingo card. You can choose an activity from there. There are some super activities to choose from and it will also give you some ideas for over half term if you get bored or want something to do :) 

Have a super day and a super half term. We will check email over half term so if you need anything at all please do contact us 

Take care 

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Thursday 20th May


Hello lovelies. What super warm day it was yesterday. It was lovely to see pictures of you all having lots of fun as well as getting your learning done. That's what we like to see, learning without even knowing it :)


Reading task- Today we would like you to help your child log in to Bug Club. We are seeing lots of you accessing this, and some still are not getting through many books. If you can not log in or are having trouble with any aspect of this app, please let us know and we can try to fix any of your queries. 


Writing task- As you have been spending lots of time researching and finding mini-beasts you must now have an opinion on which is your favourite and which you really don't, which you think are beautiful or colourful and which you think are a bit creepy! Choose your favourite one and write about it. You could describe it and then explain why you like it, what is does and how it moves. Be really creative in your writing. Don't forget to add your capital letters and full stops, add finger spaces and use your sound mat to make your writing as independent as possible. 


Maths task- The children will all know and understand now how to write addition and subtraction sums. Ask them to write their own addition and subtraction sums. Encourage them to find two groups of objects if they need to and to work out the answer, writing the number sentence. Here are a few to get the children started 


4+5= this is an addition sum and the children can count on to find the answer

7-4= this is a subtraction sum, the children need to take the smaller number away from the larger number. 


Afternoon task- Use the butterfly symmetry sheet. A symmetrical pattern is where you can imagine a mirror image. What happens one side must happen the other. A butterfly has this pattern. Try to recreate the same pattern one side as it is the other and don't forget to send in a picture.


Have a lovely day, we are hoping for some more sunshine 

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Wednesday 19th May Home Learning 


Good morning to you all. Its set to be another beautiful day of sunshine so as always, please do not sit working all day. Have regular breaks and ensure that you go on your daily walk and play in the garden for a little while. Your teachers are super busy preparing for a potential reopening and are making sure you all have the resources that you need. As always we will be online to answer any concerns. 


Reading task- Today as your child to get their sound mats. By now children should all know their phase 2 sounds and should be well under way with knowing and applying the phase 3 digraphs into our reading. Use your sound mats today and tick off the ones that your child knows and set them a little goal for the end of the week for the ones that that may not know. If your child has worked through all of the phase 2 and phase 3 then they may have started to learn the phase at their own, personal level. Phase 4 is a consolidation phase and it might be nice to practise CVCC and CCVC words if your phase 3 knowledge is secure. Some will be attached below. 

Writing task- Have a discussion with your child about what they would like to do as a job when they are older. They can be anything that they want to be. Ask them to use their phonics and to write this down in full sentences. Include full stops and capital letters. 


Maths task- ask your child to complete the mini beast colouring sheet in their pack. They will need to add the two numbers together which will give them a number answer. The answer will correlate to a colour and the children need to colour that section in the correct colour to complete the picture. 


Afternoon task-Use the minibeast simple sentence writing prompt sheet to finish the sentence about minibeasts. Ask your child to use their imagination to write a fact about some of the minibeasts. 


Have a super day and don't forget our sun cream if you are outdoors today 

Love from Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Tuesday 19th May-Home Learning:


Good morning. Your teachers were super busy at school yesterday getting the classroom ready for a potential return to school. We were so impressed at the number of emails we were still getting and we are so happy with the mature and wonderful attitude to learning that we are seeing. Remember to contact your teacher if you have ran out of books on Bug Club or if you should need anything at all, or even just to send us some pictures of your work.


Reading task- Today encourage your child to read from the Memory words sheet that we gave you a few weeks back. Test their knowledge on what they know now. You could highlight the ones they know in a different colour if you wish, to show their progress. If you have misplaced the sheet, it is here for you to see.

Miss Davies has read a story all about three aliens, I hope you enjoy it:


Writing task- Using the sheets provided in the packs, ask your child to practise their pre-cursive handwriting. This skill will be required in year one and it is important now that we try to perfect those ascenders and descenders. The PowerPoint is at the bottom of this section and here is the link to the YouTube video for you to use:


Maths task- Use the number formation sheets in the pack to practise number formation 0-20. If your can then use the same pattern to form numbers beyond 20 then we would love to see that for a Marvellous Me badge!

Afternoon task- Your child can use the colouring sheets (mini-beast) to colour in this afternoon. You will notice the lines are very small, to perfect control when colouring. Encourage the use of different colours so that the picture is not all one colour. Ask your child to colour inside the lines and to be as neat as possible and remember to be creative.


Have a lovely day and remember, we are here for any support that you may need.

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Monday 18th May 2020: Home Learning-


Here is to a new week which has been predicted to be a hot one, staff will be in school all week preparing school for the new changes it faces so if we do not reply to emails as quickly as we normally would that is why smiley


Reading Task: We would like all the children to access spelling shed and to complete various phonics games which are provided on there, we can see all of the games which the children have played and how well they have done and is a completely different programme to anything that we use to teach phonics and daily reading. I have also read another story for you all to enjoy which has a real meaningful message behind it which I think is important for the children:


Writing Task: We would like the children to independently write their weekend news as always the children should be writing on the lines with pre-cursive handwriting and work which is well presented. We would like the children to write at least five sentences, as we are moving into the last term of Reception the children's pace and length of work should be improving. The children should write phonetically using the sound and memory word prompt mats as provided. I have again attached the writing checklist which I know many parents commented on last week as a useful tool.

Maths Task: To practise their knowledge of 2's. 5's and 10's, here are the links to the songs which we use with the children during numbers and patterns:

Count by 2s-

Count by 5s-

Count by 10s-

The children can then show their understanding and knowledge by ordering objects in 2's, 5's and 10's and if you feel confident you can use a 100 number square if you are able to print; to colour the numbers in the 2's one colour, the 5's in another colour and the 10's in another colour and they can then comment on what patterns they see. 


Afternoon Task: We want to check the children's knowledge of the life cycle of a butterfly to see if their previous learning was embedded, in the pack is two sheets which you can choose from and they differ in difficulty which allow your child to write the life cycle. Before you start ask your child about the life cycle is you feel they need more support I have made a video as a reminder of our previous learning and also attached the story I read called 'The Cautious Caterpillar',

Power point:


The children should write phonetically using the sound and memory word prompt mats as provided.

Any questions or queries about the work set this week or about the opening of schools then please do not hesitate to contact us, thanks Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x


Friday 15th May Home Learning


Good morning, the end of another week. We certainly feel the weeks are flying by. We have enjoyed speaking to you all over the week and again we have received some fantastic learning.


Reading task- Today, please encourage your child to take a blanket outside and sit with a teddy bear (or lots of teddies) and read to them. This will be weather permitting and so their bedroom is fine if the weather is not suitable. Encourage your child to choose a reading book that they can blend to read. 

Writing task- Ask your child to practise their capital letters and ask them to link the letter sound with its name. Encourage them to copy the shape of each letter. See below for support. 


Maths task- Today we would like your child to see how much they can remember about coins. Have a look inside a purse or a wallet and ask your child to identify the name of the coins. You could also use the internet to find pictures of coins if required. 


Afternoon task- Encourage your child to do some exercise out in the garden You could do a quick warm up with a few little stretches and the instruct them to run for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Do 30 seconds of star jumps and rest for 30 seconds. The children can then jump for 30, rest for 30, hop for 30, rest for 30. This could be repeated 2 or 3 times. Or you can choose to go for a little afternoon walk. Either way, if the weather allows it, please do half an hour of exercise outdoors. 


Have a lovely day together. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Any worries or questions please do send us an email and keep up with the wonderful photographs you are sending. We really do love and treasure them.

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Thursday 14th May 2020- Home Learning:


Good Morning Everyone, today is our weekly phone call day to you all so we will be ringing throughout the day to check you're all okay and if you need any further help with the work set, we look forward to this day each week smiley I know we have sent you lots of websites and ideas for your children but I have recently been looking at BBC Bitesize website which has some good resources for EYFS children, so if you fancy something new then give it a try. 


Reading Task: To go onto and allow your child to watch an alphablocks video and play some games, it may seem like the children are not learning but Alphablocks is fantastic for helping the children to segment and blend, learn letter names, rhyming and much more. 

I have also recorded another story for you, this time its all about witches and magic, I hope you enjoy it:


Writing Task: Today we want the children to write about their favourite toy, this may have changed over the period of time we have had at home and we would love to hear about the toy you play with at home the most. As always this should be an independent task where the children write on lines showing their pre-cursive handwriting, it to be written phonetically and the children to use finger spaces and capital letters and full stops if possible.

Maths Task: To draw 2D shapes, as you all know before we start the children writing we make sure they can draw several pre-writing shapes, the children's fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination is really important so we want the children to be confident in drawing all shapes as it helps them when drawing pictures. It also means that the children can recognise each shape and knows the properties, always we expect the children to show good presentation and to take their time. I have made a powerpoint just to help the children recap the 2D shapes and their properties:


Afternoon Task: We would like the children to try and complete the word search about Mini Beasts which is in the packs sent home, the children may need some support with this.


Any questions then please let us know, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Wednesday 13th May 2020


Good morning to you all. As we approach the mid week point (again, these weeks fly by) I would like to thank you all for your outstanding VE day contributions. There was some truely magical and very creative ideas and I cant wait to see the video.


Todays learning is as follows. It has been brilliant to update Bug Club for some children who have read their stage books so please continue to read and discuss those and let us know if you finish them all. Here is another story time from Miss Davies, this time all about Dinosaurs laugh


Reading task- Log on to Phonics play and  choose a phonics game to play today. Don't forget that most of you will able to use the phase 3 games but I know that a lot of you are reading a phase 4 reading book so please start on the same phase as the reading books you bought home a few weeks go. That does not mean that you have to stay on that level thought, push yourself to try the next phase, you might surprise yourself. Let us know by email which phase that you play on and how you did :) 




Writing task- Today is your pre-cursive handwriting practise. Attached below is the Powerpoint and we would like you to practise the letters from a-z (on lines if possible) in your blue book. Carefully copy the shape of each letter, ensuring that ascenders are above the line and descenders are below the line as shown below. Again attached is the YouTube video which Miss Davies did all about our letter formation:



Maths task- Today we would like your child to write their counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. They by now will be confident to write their 2's independently and if they still need support-this is fine. They can add two more objects at time if they need to count on in twos practically. They can apply this skill to their 5's and their counting in 10's. Let us know on the email how they get on and what stage they are at with this. Inform them that it just means counting on by that amount so 5's are counting in 5's and 10's are counting in 10's. 


Afternoon task- We would like you to together go online and to research the 'bee'. There are different kinds of bees and we would like you to draw and to write some facts using the fact file sheet provided in the packs. Encourage (as always) independence in the children's writing, allowing then to use a sound mat to write the words how they sound. It is important to start adding finger spaces and full stops at the end of a sentence to get ready for year one. Miss Davies has made a video to help you with this task:


Have a lovely day smiley

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart


Tuesday 12th May 2020- Home Learning:


Good Morning Ducks, just a reminder for you all to send us your VE Day work so we can send them to Mrs Bickerton-Dean so she can make a special video. Also to remind you to keep emailing us and for the children to be using Purple Mash, Bug Club and EdShed. Hopefully the sun is shining today and you can have a lovely day together laugh


Reading Task: Today we want the children to use the sheet provided in the pack below:

They need to read the captions using their phonics knowledge and then draw what the caption says, this allows us to see if the children have good comprehension and they know what they have read. Please encourage the children to draw their best and if they are unsure what a word means then please explain the vocab to them.

Again here is another story time for the children to enjoy:


Writing Task: We know we are missing school so we thought it would be nice for you to write about what you would like to do when you first come back e.g. what activity you are going to do or what friends you are going to play with. As always the children need to write on a line for their pre-cursive handwriting and use finger spaces where needed. 


Maths Task: We want to the children to learn about halves and quarters of objects, it is not an area of the curriculum we have touched on a lot so the children may need some help with this, we want them to cut their food throughout the day in halves and quarters. Try with halves first and then quarters but if your child is finding it difficult then please don't worry as long as they understand half is when you cut 1 whole shape in the middle to make two equal pieces.

Here is a video to support your child with this activity:

I have also made a powerpoint for your child to listen too:


Afternoon Task: This afternoon we would like the children to complete the minibeast cutting activity which is in the pack, we always remind the children to be safe with scissors and discuss why we need to be safe with them. 


As always if you need anything then please email us, thanks Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Monday 11th May 2020 - Home Learning



Good Morning! laugh We hope you all had a lovely weekend full of VE Day celebration with your family and possibly others in your street, it was lovely to see the sun and we even got to witness a storm with thunder and lightening, we hope you weren't scared! We have been hearing from many of you again over emails and it has been fantastic to see you are all well and working so hard at home.

Here are today's task if you need anything then please email us as always!


Reading Task: To read a new bug club book and to answer the questions which are given, I have put the link to the video I created on YouTube last week:

I have also read another story as you have all commented on how much the children have enjoyed them, here is the link:


Writing Task: To write your weekend news, we would love to hear what you have been up to and for you to show case your writing and the progress you have made since we were last at school. The children need to write on lines, this is the only way they will form their pre-cursive letters correctly and at a good size. Encourage the children to use finger spaces after each word and they should be using their sound mat to write phonetically.


Maths Task: Today we want you to practise your number formation again using the sheet which is provided in the pack:

We also have rhymes for all of our numbers which help the child as they write and I have put them below for you and your child to use. The children can practise their numbers and then write them independently focusing on size and the correct formation. This is very important for September and their transition into Year One.


Afternoon Task: For your afternoon task we have given you an outdoor learning bingo sheet which you can choose a couple of things to do this afternoon, we will be referring the sheet again so don't do them all smiley I have attached it below and it is also in your home learning packs.

Have a lovely day, full of fun and learning, ,Lots of Love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x


Friday 8th May Home Learning


Good morning. Following our telephone conversations yesterday it seemed that a lot of you are very tried and missing school a lot. We are missing you lots and we thought today with it being Bank Holiday that we would ask you to just enjoy your day and have a little long weekend away from the reading, writing, maths and afternoon timetable that we had set for you (if you want to complete the learning set for today then feel free to, its in your packs and we would love to see it). 


So today we would like you to re-watch the VE day PowerPoint and to enjoy maybe a picnic in the garden as many people had 'street parties' when the War was over. Enjoy yourselves and enjoy the garden and talk about what you have learned about VE day. You can of course look at the VE day tasks that Miss Bickerton-Dean has set and send them to us ready for our VE day video. We've put some ideas for you to see.

Take a look at this YouTube video. It has real life photographs of street parties a long time ago when World War 1 was over. Have a chat about how different the photographs are compared to the photographs you take today. Think about what the children are wearing. Its amazing to see how times have changed.


Life is very different at the moment and you are all so important to us, children and parents. We really want you to take a break opver the next couple of days and enjoy some time together ready to come back on Monday feeling full of energy. If you need us at any time, we hare here to cheer you up and support you.


Lots of love, always

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart xx


Thursday 7th May 2020 Home Learning:


Good Morning Everyone, hasn't it been lovely seeing some blue sky and sunshine after it being so dull last week. Today Myself and Miss Newbon will be ringing you for our weekly communication check just to make sure you are all safe and well and keeping in good spirits smiley Thank you so much for all of the emails we have had this week, we are receiving more and we cannot believe the standard you are completing at home, you are just all superstars! We hope you are enjoying your VE Day project and are getting creative, remember to send us lots of pictures so we can send them to Mrs Bickerton-Dean. Now let's see what we are doing today!


Reading Task- Our pack says for a grown up to read to their child and ask them questions as you go, I know lots of you have enjoyed our YouTube videos so I have also read a story and have asked some questions as I have read it if you would like to use that as an alternative or an extra completely up to you. During our story time at school we ask lots of 'how' and 'why' questions, we also like to get the children to predict what they think will happen at the end before we get there. We ask lots of questions to see if the child is listening and understands what they have heard and it is a large portion of our Reading curriculum. Here is the YouTube link for you to enjoy:


Writing Task- Today we would again like you to practise pre-cursive handwriting, we know we do this a lot but practise does make perfect, we are so impressed with the improvement in some of the children's handwriting over this period and that is down to you. You can either get your child to practise all of the letters or those which you know from the past few weeks they need to work on, to support I have created a video for you with me demonstrating formation of all of the letters for the children and I hope it helps. Please remember to always get your child to write on lines, please use the ruler provided to draw into your child's book if it does not have lines.

Maths Task- Now we are big number block fans in Duck class so I know many of you are going to enjoy todays task laugh

We want you to play some Number Block games and even watch it if you want to, here is the link below for you to explore:


Afternoon Task- A healthy body is a healthy mind and it is that time again we want you to do some more exercise or even go on your bike, if you do have a bike can you ride it without stabilisers? I know lots of you have had paddling pools and that would be perfect exercise on a sunny day. You could go for a walk and see how the environment has changed since the last time you went out, the plants and trees change so much at this time of year or you could go into your garden or even follow some exercise from a video. It is completely up to you, as long as you make your heart rate increase and get your body moving laugh


Tomorrow is a bank holiday and we have given you some work in the packs if you want to complete it or your VE Day work, it is your choice, we will be on our emails though if you need us as always. 

Lots of Love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Wednesday 6th May Home Learning 


Here we are again, half way through the week. The weeks are flying by! You are all showing such great determination and it has been lovely to hear from you throughout. Please try to email us to let us know you are all feeling well. We want the children to be accessing the work set to ensure that they are getting ready to go into key stage one and are accessing resources to allow them to reach those super important Early Learning Goals. It’s also so good for the brain, waking up and having energy. Your well-being is very important to us and it makes our day when we hear from you.


Reading task- Use your high frequency words (first one hundred or next 200) and use a different colour pen/pencil/crayon to highlight which new words that your child now knows. During every assessment week, teachers would do this and also with their phonics sounds and it is just wonderful to see progress and for the children to see their own progress in their learning.


Writing task- Your teachers are writing to you every day. We love to respond to emails and we are communicating via the website too. Now its your turn. Use your phonics knowledge, your sound mats amd your high frequency words and memory words and write us a letter. Let us know that you are all right and tell us some of the wonderful things you have been getting up to. Tell us how you feel; even the parts of being at home that may have made you sad sometimes. I will give you some sentence starters to help you…


Dear Miss…… (Newbon/Davies/James/Mrs Gardiner or Mrs Foster) or..

Dear all of my teachers- you can sound out all of those words and use all/my as your phase 3 memory words.  

I am really….

My favourite part has been…

Some days I have felt…

My Mum/Dad said….

My favourite learning activity has been…

Did you know?

Last week I…

I hope….

I feel…


Have a go and take this as your time to tell us everything that you would want to tell us if we were all together.


Maths task- Encourage your child to answer some more addition and subtraction questions by counting on and back. They will now need to independently choose which action to perform by looking at the symbol + or – and to decide which is adding and which is subtracting to find a smaller number. We understand that you have asked your child to complete this activity before, but we really need this to be as independent as possible as it is the maths Early Learning Goal, and will stand the children in an excellent position for year 1. Here is a video to support with today's task:


Afternoon task- Take a look at the flyer below. Mrs Bickerton-Dean would like to create a whole school VE day video for our website, consisting of VE day creative art work. You could colour a flag or make party decorations . Have a look at the Powerpoint and flyer below to find out all about VE day and why it is so important. Miss Davies has also ran through the powerpoint on a video:



Enjoy your day

Lots of love as always

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Tuesday 5th May Home Learning


Wishing you all a very happy Tuesday. Yesterday there was some sunshine. I even managed to get some fresh air and I had a lovely walk around the lake, in the early evening. I was looking for mini beasts and thinking about what lovely things I could hear. I heard lots of wildlife around the lake and even found some tadpoles! It’s wonderful what you can see so close and I look forward to going back soon to see if the tadpoles have changed into frogs! You might even see this animal which our story of the day is about, here is today's story time:

Enjoy your tasks today and don’t forget to drop us an email to let us know how you are feeling. It is important that you talk to a grown up if you feel sad, upset or even very tired so that they can give you breaks and cuddles and can look after you. We miss taking care of you and cheering you up when you are feeling sad and sharing a high five or a smile when you are happy but we are here for you.



Reading task- Please log into Bug Club. If you still have had no access to this and it is proving difficult, please get in touch. It is a really important website and the books on there are aimed personally at your child's reading level and phonics phase. Choose a story with your child, encourage them to read it independently and discuss each page as you read. Encourage the children to make links and to predict what might happen next in the story. Discuss characters, plot and setting and think about the mood of each character. At the end of the text read and answer the questions. Today we will think about independence so note how well your child does at remember what they have read all by themselves. Here is a video to help you accessing Bug Club:



Writing task- Just as I did on my walk around the lake, have a think about what mini beats you might see in your garden. You probably won’t get to see a tadpole but there are lots more wonderful little critters roaming in your garden, under rocks, in the mud and under plant pots! Look for clue too. You might not see a spider, but if there is a spider web you can bet there is one lurking somewhere! Encourage your child to use their letter formation and sound mats to help with their writing and remember the children are encouraged to write the words how they sound at this stage.


Maths task- It’s time to head back into your kitchen today. We want the children to hold food packaging/tins/ boxes and to use their knowledge of weight to compare packaging. Use language such as heavy, light, heavier and lighter. Here is a video to help support your maths task today:


Afternoon tasks- This afternoon, ask the children to look out of a window in your house. It can be any window at all but ask them to get comfortable. Talk about what they can see and ask them to use a pencil to draw the view. Then they can colour in using the correct colours.


Have a lovely day

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Monday 4th May  Home Learning


Good morning Ducks. You should now all have your packs, with worksheets when included, for when necessary. This should make it easier for  you to complete the work daily.


 We hope you had a lovely weekend. Here we are, another Monday morning, another week we learn from home but let us hope and pray it is not for too much longer. We cannot wait to see you all now. As always, we are mega proud of each one of you. You are our little heroes.  

Today then, let us get cracking. It looks as though Mr Sunshine is going to make an appearance so please don’t forget to get some vitamin D and some fresh air, whether it’s in your garden or on your little walk.

Reading task- Go on to Phonics play and choose the game along with your child. By now, we should all be working at phase 3 phonics at least, but if you can do more than encourage children to try phase 4, particularly if they know all of the phase 3 digraphs by now. Here is the website again   





Don’t forget to look for the memory (tricky) word games, as well as the blending to read games like ‘Obb and Bob’.


Writing task- Using your childs phase 3 knowledge, encourage them to write the words to label the picture on the Phase 3 phonics Picture Activity sheets in their home learning pack. The phase 3 digraph has been given to them and so they need to finish the word. For example a picture of an animal and the ‘ow’ digraph present would be c ow- ‘cow’. The children need to write the whole world.

Allow them to use a sound mat as provided and to continue to practice their precursive handwriting which will become more and more important as we head into the last few months of the school year.




Maths task- Using vocabulary of measuring, for example heavy, light, cups, jugs, more, less, spoon, scoops (grams and ml can be modelled but not expected to be used by the children) allow your child to help you to make some food today. It could be a nice easy picnic for lunch, a smoothie, or some delicious food for dinner. Send us some pictures with your creative ideas.


Afternoon task- Go in to your garden and if you have plants, talk about how to help them grow and water them. If not, enjoy some fresh air and talk about your favourite flowers, discuss different names of them.




Have a lovely day, don't forget to read a book on Bug Club and send us some pctures, drop us an email to let us know you are ok laugh

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Friday 1st May Home Learning 


Happy Friday!! I cannot believe it is also May, this week has seemed much longer than others and I think we are missing the sunshine, hopefully we will have some more sun next week. We hope you have enjoyed this weeks learning and found the new YouTube videos insightful and useful, we have had lots of positive comments about them laugh Hopefully you have all now received your paper packs in the post and you can now do some of the extra activities we had added at the back of the pack such as colouring and cutting. If you have not yet sent us an email of your child's work this week please can you do that today, we always want to see if you are safe and well and to see what fabulous things you are doing at home. 


Reading Task- To read a new book on your Bug Club account and to answer the questions on each page by clicking on the bug icon. If you are still unsure of Bug Club then please let us know. I have also read a new story for your child to listen to about 'Ronald the Rhino' and it contains lots of rhyming words which your child can find.Here is the link:


Writing Task- To write about the story you read on Bug Club for your reading task, write about what happens in the story and then what you like about the story. Children need to write on lines so they can form their pre-cursive letters correctly, making their ascenders tall and their descenders under the line. Remember that the children should be writing phonetically, if you are unsure go onto our YouTube video which I made previously in the week which explains. 

Maths Task- We want the children to work on their sharing skills, we only want the children to share out an even number of objects and that is something important to remember. You can share what ever objects you like and between as many people as you can, I have again made a video to help the children with the concept and have also attached the power point for the children to complete independently before they do it independently with you. Please take lots of pictures for us to see smiley 

YouTube link:


Afternoon Task- May is known for its showers and sunshine and we know what we see when that happens, we want you to research rainbows this afternoon using your laptop or tablet and find out different information about them. You can write down what research you found, print it off or even draw a picture, that is completely up to you, we cannot wait to see what facts you find out, we love to learn too! 


You know where we are if you need absolutely anything and we hope you all have a lovely weekend, sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Keep smiling laugh 

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Thursday 30th April Home Learning


Good morning. Well I think by now this week we have managed to speak to the majority of you and your wonderful families. If we inform you that it is our day to call you, please try to answer the call. It is so important for us to speak to you and to know that you are all healthy and well, and that you are trying your best to access some, if not all of the learning provided. We miss you lots and we want you to know that you are supported in not just all of the tasks but with resources and also with your well- being.

Today’s tasks;


Reading task- Follow the link and listen (join in as much as you can) to the linking letter names and sounds video that your child is familiar with. It is important that although we learn to spell words how they sound, that the children know that each letter has a name as well as a sound. In the following key stages as they head up the school, children are expected to use letter names and not sounds so we teach them both in Reception.


Writing task- Following the video, the children can have a go at writing the letters of the alphabet, both in capital letter and lower case. This will help them to know the grapheme for each letter name and sound. Below is a power point which will help your child with their formation.


Maths task- Using the sums in the PDF link below, please ask your child to copy out the sum and to answer the number problems. Take into account the symbol and ask your child if they need to add or subtract. Encourage the child to count on or count backwards to find the answer, rather than using objects to count together. For addition, they can put the first number in their head and the second number on their fingers and count on so

6+4= would be 6 I their head and count on 4 fingers…7,8,9,10, the answer is 10.

 I have attached a power point below which can help those who are working on their counting back method and subtraction.


Afternoon task- Load up Cosmic Yoga onto Youtube and have a lovely relaxing afternoon.


Have a lovely day and please don’t forget to send us some pictures of your learning. We are missing printing and sticking into your lovely Learning Journeys! So we really want to see what all of you are up to.

Please keep accessing Bug Club, it is super and will keep your child's phonics knowledge fresh in their mind.

Most importantly, keep smiling

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart


Wednesday 29th April 2020


Happy Wednesday and just like that we are already half way through the week, we are impressed with the work we have received this week and we cannot believe how amazing some of your handwriting is, keep up the amazing work our little Ducks laugh We would really love to have emails from all children by the end of the week as we have not yet seen work from some children since Easter and we are missing you. 

Again like yesterday I have put a video on YouTube this time of me reading you the story 'The Cautious Caterpillar', I hope you enjoy it, here is the link:

Reading Task- Continue to improve your phonics knowledge by listening to our Jolly Phonics and Memory word songs on YouTube:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Memory Words Phase 3:

Memory Words Phase 4:


Writing Task- We know that the sun has gone in for a little bit and the rain has come so we know you might have started to watch a little more Television than being out in the garden. So today we would like you to write about your favourite Television programme, who are the characters, where is the programme set, what happens in your favourite episode and why it is your favourite programme. You could also draw a picture of your favourite character if you have time. Remember your handwriting expectations and to use your sound mat to write the words phonetically.


Maths Task- Today it is all about time, some of you can read o'clock and half past on a clock and others can use quarter past and quarter to, we want you to stop at certain times of the day and look at the clock and tell the time. So look at what time you eat your breakfast, have your mid morning snack or when you go to bed can you read the clock? We often take the analogue clock down off the wall and take out the batteries for the children to explore with and ask them to show different times, they really enjoy that. We only read analogue clocks in the EYFS not digital clocks. I have attached a video below which may jog some of the children's memories of o'clock and half past.


Afternoon Task- We haven't seen you for a little bit now and we know even in that time you will have changed, maybe you have got taller, lost a tooth or grown your hair. We want you to draw a picture of you as a baby, then you at one, then two, then three and then four and a picture of you now, showing how you have changed each year. Your Mummy and Daddy may get some pictures to help you. We cannot wait to see what you have drawn smiley

Any questions then please email us we are always online, tomorrow I will be ringing the Yellow Ducks in the afternoon and Miss Newbon will be answering emails.

Speak to you soon, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x




Tuesday 28th April Home Learning


Hello lovely Ducks. Yesterday Miss Davies put you a video on our Waterside YouTube channel. This video will really help you with your phonics when writing. Please do not think that you need to get every spelling correct ( I did mention this yesterday...see below). You really do just need to use your sound mat to help. Grown ups, we hope you found he video useful and your child's writing should take a lot less time now...most of our children are super independent in using a sound mat to help them, whether its at phase two or three (or four/five) levels.  

Have a look at your tasks for tomorrow. At the bottom I will upload a letter formation PowerPoint so that you always have access to how we form our pre-cursive letters.


Miss Davies has recorded a special story time for you to enjoy all about space, the link is below:


Reading task - Use your memory word mat that we gave out to you in your first paper pack. Go through them all and practise. Tick the ones you know and highlight the ones you need to practise. 



Writing task- Write all of the phase two, three and four memory words that you know and then practise the ones you do not know. This will help you to read them too. Write them in your blue books. Miss Davies has made a video to help you with the formation of your child's letters as they write with focus on ascenders, descenders, letter size and writing each letter in one continuous movement starting on the line here is the link:


Maths task- Find lots of pairs of socks! Separate them and practise doubles. Remember doubles are the same amount twice times. So for every pair of socks, you have a double sock. double 1 is the same as one pair-how many socks? TWO. So double one is two :) Lets see who owns the craziest socks in your house! Here is a video which may help you to understand pairs and 2s.




Afternoon task- Use objects around your house to build a house. Think about your house and what features it has. You could use construction if you have it in your house or just objects from in your bedroom or around the house :) 


We have been overwhelmed at the children who are accessing Bug Club. Although it is there as an added extra, please try to access the reading books on there as the ones we gave out will be too familiar to the children now. There are an abundance of well matched reading books for your child' ability of reading. Reading is so important for all areas of learning and for your child's imaginative and vocabulary. It will help in their reading and their writing which is just vital at this stage of development to get them ready for Key Stage one. 

Thanks for your continued support. You are all doing a fabulous job and we are here every step of the way. We miss you all lots and lots and just love receiving photographs of learning and home experiences.

Lots of Love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Useful links for phonics and handwriting support

Miss Davies wonderful phonics PowerPoint to show how to write phonetically plausible words into a sentence. 

Monday 27th April  Home Learning 


Good morning little ones. We hope that you had a wonderful and restful weekend. As always your teachers are online all day to help you if you need support and remember we love to hear from you :). You will be receiving paper packs again this week at some point delivered to your house which is exciting...a special delivery just for you!


For now though your learning will continue to be right here for you.


Reading task- Please spend this time to read together, the 'how to plant a seed' sequencing activity (there will be some words too tricky for your little one to read). You could try to predict what to do at the beginning and verbally sequence this at the end, encouraging the child to retell the correct order in their own words. See the link added below. 


Writing task- In your blue book, then ask your child to retell the correct order in their own words. Please do not expect your child to spell every word correctly. We assess a child's writing in the Early Years based on how the word sounds. If your child is using their phonics knowledge and spelling words using digraphs, then it is phonetically correct and it will get a tick from us. It also makes their learning more independent and therefore also easier for you :). Please support them however to use finger spaces and full stops along with capital letters where required. 

Below is Miss Davies' Youtube video link to help you with your child's writing and to understand their phonetical knowledge


Maths- Ask your child to find all of the people who live in your house and to correctly order them in order of height. Please ask the children to use the correct vocabulary of short, shorter, shortest, tall, taller, tallest and maybe they could draw a picture of this and label the members of family in order of height. 


Afternoon- Get physical this afternoon. Go onto YouTube and type in Zumba for kids- allow the children to choose their own Zumba session. They are familiar with this from being in the classroom. 


Have a super day and remember, stay safe :)

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

How to plant a seed

Friday 24th April 2020: Home Learning


Good Morning Superstars heart and just like that it is Friday and we have completed another week being taught at home by our Mums and Dad. It has taken us some time to get back into the swing of things after the Easter break but after the weekend rest we will be back at 110% again on Monday. Make sure your home learning is to the standard that we expect at school and you are showing how amazing you are to your parents, we know it is a strange time you miss us and your friends and we miss you too but you still need to try you best even though you are at home. Todays tasks can be done in short bursts but to us after a week at home back to learning the afternoon task is the most important one we want you doing today. 


Reading Task- Log onto Bug Club using the details which we sent you and read one of your allocated books, on each page is the bug icon, if you click on that you will get a question which your child can answer to see if they are understanding what they are reading. You can also ask your child questions as you go. Myself and Miss Newbon can see which books you have read and also see if your child go the questions correctly. If you need any support with Bug Club then please let us know.


Writing Task- Today we want your child to practise their pre-cursive letter formation, you can practise all letters if you wish or just the ones you know your child needs to work on. Please remember each letter starts on the line, ascenders are tall letters and descenders go under the line and all other letters should be the same size. is a video which shows you how to form each letter correctly. 


Maths Task- We would like your child to complete some subtraction sums, knowing your child's ability you can do sums to which are numbers to 5, 10, 20 or beyond. Again using your own judgement your child can use objects to support, a number line or the counting back method. Below are some subtraction sums taking away from 10, you can use this as a judgement if you need to.


Afternoon Task- We want you to have some fun in the sun and have some exercise, today would of been our PE session and we would of spent the hour getting our heart rates up and that is what we want you to do. You can do that in anyway you wish you can go in your garden, follow some exercise on You tube or even better go for a long family walk, you could then take lots of pictures of what you see and what differences you see from winter. It is up to you, we just want you to get active and have some fun in the sun, a healthy body is a healthy mind!

We hope you have a lovely weekend, keep positive and keep smiling, as always if you need anything you know where we are smiley

Sending you lots of love and hugs, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x


Thursday 23rd April


What a lovely sunny day we had yesterday. It was lovely to receive emails with pictures of you having lots of fun in the garden. Keep it up because having fun and getting some vitamin D and fresh air is so important for you!

You should all have spoken to us this week now and that does not mean we don’t want to hear from you again. I know we say it a lot but we are missing you lots and lots. We make sure that we speak to Miss James, Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Foster every day as well to let them know that you are missing them too. They are all missing you very much.  


Today’s tasks are as follows (but remember those fabulous log ins you have for Bug Club to read, Purple Mash and Maths and Spelling shed too) you can access these all by yourself, remembering your ‘online safety’ at all times.


Reading- Go on to YouTube and watch the jolly phonics video and memory words videos. See how many of the digraphs on phase 3 that you know now. We are so excited to see how many of the memory words you know, test yourself, you may even be able to remember memory words from high phases like phase 4 and 5 if you try!


For your memory words, go on to YouTube and explore all of the different videos. Type in ‘tricky words’ into the search bar on YouTube. Look at phase 2 and 3 first and then see how many of the phase 4 ones you can pick up if you complete all of the phase 2 and phase 3 ones.


Writing- Today we would like you to discuss your daily routine with the children. Use vocabulary such as first, next, then, last. Today. Allow the children to think about the order of their day. This is not only sequencing with is a math skill but it will allow the children to be imaginative in their writing. They can use their phonics knowledge to write the words in which they sound and they should use their sound mats and memory word mats to assist them.




Maths-Look at different coins, practically or as shown below. Which coin is which and how do you describe each coin? Which is larger/smaller? What colours are the coins? How many one pennies would make up a 5p? a 10p? a 20p? Draw and label the coin.


Afternoon Task- Be creative and allow this time for free choice drawing. You could draw anything that you wish. Think carefully. If you can colour it in then use the correct colours, you can even send them to us via email.


For now, please use your blue exercise books to place all of your work into. We will be in touch with any change in arrangements.

Have a super day :)

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies x



Wednesday  22nd April Home Learning.


Hello and a happy Wednesday to you all. We are almost half of the way through another week of home learning. Miss Newbon spoke to most of the Brown Ducks yesterday and today is Miss Davies’s turn to speak to the Yellow Ducks. It has been lovely to share an email address for some of you so that we have been able to keep in touch with each other’s little Ducks! As always we are incredibly proud of you all and we are missing you lots. Keep up the good work and remember to access Bug Club via your personal log in details, as well as having a look at some of the other fabulous websites that we are now very lucky to be able to access J

Let’s get cracking on todays learning then! And as always we are online all day to assist you should you require any support.


Reading- Today we would like you to access your Bug Club account. Choose one of the stories suitable for your phonics reading phase (any of the stories that you can access are suitable to the phase your child is reading at). Use your phonics knowledge, segment and blend to read each word, trying to get quicker and read with pace as much as you can. Try to help your child to retain the information by maybe asking them to retell each page. Then answer the questions available to you afterwards.



Writing-Using your blue books, if possible draw some lines for your child to write all about what they have learned about Spring. They could write about the weather, what animals may be born in the Spring time and also that it is a season. They could write about Spring flowers. Just a couple of sentences is fine, although if they want to do more, then great! Children, you can all use your phonics now to segment to spell, so do your best!


Maths- There is a maths addition sheet that we would like you to complete. We understand that you have not got the sheet to write on but it will be nice for your child to practise writing out number problems independently. Encourage them to copy the number sentence into their blue books and to use objects or the pictures shown to count on and to answer the question. Lets make this task as independent as possible today guys!



Afternoon task- This is a super fun cool task! Go onto the link to watch a video all about Spring.


 With a grown up, talk about what you have learned and make notes along the way. You might want to watch it, then watch it again and pause as you write. What new things can you learn? Parents, this task is ore about the communication and language so please don't worry about the children writing, just encourage new vocabulary along the way.

Any problems, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address. We will ALWAYS help where we can :)

Miss Newbon and Miss Davies heart

Tuesday 21st April 2020- Home Learning 

Good Morning our little Ducks smiley We hope you had a lovely Monday and tried to complete some or all of yesterdays work, we received some lovely emails showing such wonderful Easter activities that you have done and also some really good work from yesterday, there was some amazing Queen Tea Parties and Birthday Cards. Keep on the good work and keep shining, if you do need anything and have any questions then please email, hopefully you are all using bug club and spelling and maths shed without a problem and it is keeping everyone engaged and motivated laugh


Reading Task-

We would like you to use phonics play again as it is a wonderful way to encourage reading and develop your child's phonics skill in a fun and interactive way. Look at the reading book which your child received home and it will say what phase your child is reading at and this is the phase and set you will need to select when selecting your activity. If your child needs more challenge then please do so, below is the login details previously sent out before Easter.


Writing Task- As it is now spring and the flowers have begun to grow we thought it would be a nice idea for you to draw through observation, so you can either use a brought flower or one from your garden to draw carefully looking at each piece and drawing in the correct proportions. Once drawn and coloured beautifully we then want the children to label their diagram. At the bottom attached is a power point to help you with parts of the plant and also I've attached an idea of how your work might look. 


Maths Task- To use jugs of cups or anything which we hold liquid in and to order them by capacity and then to use mathematical vocab to describe them e.g. full, half full, half empty, nearly empty, empty. Please take lots of pictures to show us your ordering them and then when you have finished ordering. I have also attached a capacity power point for you to access. 

Afternoon Task- To continue to Queen's Birthday celebrations we would like you to make a crown so you can your very own King or Queen at home, you could even make all of your family members one so you can all be royal for the day laugh


If you need any thing then please let us know, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Monday 20th April 2020- Home Learning:


Morning everybody, we hope you all had a lovely Easter, it was full of sunshine so plenty of excuses to go out in the garden or out for a long walk, we have received some lovely work over Easter and would appreciate for you to all email us some more through so we can see what you have been doing for the past two weeks. As school is closed for another three weeks we will be putting work on here everyday for your child to complete and this can be put into the blue book provided. Also not enough children are accessing bug club, it is vital your child is still reading everyday as it is the foundation to their learning and progression, we will be checking this regularly and will be emailing and phoning parents who are not accessing the website for their child. We will be making phone calls again this week as a normal to answer any questions you have and to make sure everybody is safe and well. 


The home learning will be the same as it was before with a reading, writing, maths and afternoon task to be completed daily as well as daily bug club reading, all prompts you need to use are those which were provided in the paper packs when school first closed. This week we are going to be focusing on Spring and it seasonal change. 


Reading Task- To check 100 first high frequency words out of the paper back and see if your child can read them all yet without segmenting and blending. If your child can read all of the first 100 high frequency words they can then move onto the next 100 which I will put below.


Writing Task- To write in your blue book what you did over Easter, please try and draw lines into your book as the children should be writing on lines to perfect their letter formation, use the pre-cursive handwriting prompt as support. Make sure children use their sound mats to spell and have capital letters at the beginning on the sentence, finger spaces after each word and a full stop to end a sentence.


Maths Task- Write your numbers 1-20 perfectly formed, please correct your child when they write a number incorrectly and get them to practise it underneath.


Afternoon Task- Today is the Queens Birthday, please can you make her a birthday card or a picture or a painting to celebrate, you could even have a special tea party to celebrate. It is up to you, be as creative as you can be smiley


We will be on emails all day if you need us, have a good day and don't put too much pressure on yourself it may take a bit of time to get back into the swing of things after the Easter break.

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Friday 3rd April 2020 Home Learning 


Well we have made it, it is Friday! That is two whole weeks of home learning that you have done and we are so proud with everything you have achieved and a big thank you for everything you have sent to us smiley We have set you some Easter challenges to do to keep you busy if you click onto our Easter holiday challenge link.  Have a lovely Easter and you know where we are if you need us.


Reading Task: To answer the questions in your other reading book to make sure your child understands what they have read.


Writing Task: It has been a busy two weeks and you have done lots of learning, we would like you to write about the favourite activity you have done whilst at home, what you had to do and why you think we asked you to do that task. You need to do this activity on the home page border paper which is below:


Maths Task: Please complete the number bond to 10 sheet, in each square you need to write which number you need to complete the sum to make ten for example if it says 6 + you need to write 4  because 6 + 4 makes 10.

Afternoon Task: Hopefully the sunshine is out so you can go into your garden and enjoy some exercise for 30 minutes, see if you can get the whole family involved.


Any questions than you know where we are, lots of hugs Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Thursday 2nd April Home Learning


Hello little Ducks. We really enjoyed speaking to you yesterday. I will get straight on with our tasks for tomorrow. We are not yet sure of what will happen with learning packs after Easter but as soon as we know then you will too J

Reading task- Move around your house in different rooms. What words can you read. Look at bottles, on the television, in newspapers/magazines on boxes of cereal/food packaging. Read the words and take some pictures.


Writing task- Look at your animal print page border. If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? Have a think and be as imaginative as you can be. Why would you have that animal as a pet?


Maths task- You have a halving sheet with ladybirds. Ask your child to look at the number of spots and share them one each side of the ladybird until they run out to find what half of the number is and record your answer on the line.



Afternoon task- Use books, speak to parents and use the internet safely to research Spring. How does it differ to the other seasons? What looks different? What new animals and flowers might we see in Spring? What happens to the animals that were hibernating through the Winter?

Have a lovely day. We shall speak to you tomorrow but as always we are online and waiting for any concerns or worries you have or even if you just want to say hello.


Week two nearly complete guys…we can do this J

Love, as always Miss Davies and Miss Newbon

Wednesday 1st April Home Learning


Wow April is here already, we cannot believe how super quick this year is going. Lets hope soon we are back together enjoying the rest of the school year together. As always, your emails, and contact is keeping our spirits high. It is so important to us that we know that you are all safe, happy and well. Keep the emails coming. It isn’t always necessary to send us photographs and work -although it I lovely and im sure the children want to show us, which is perfectly fine-  do not feel pressured to send us learning evidence daily. Just to know and hear that your spirits are high and that you are all feeling happy is the main important thing to us.

Here are your tasks for the day, any problems myself and Miss Davies are in school today…and at some point during the day we will give you a call to check how you all are. It would be lovely to speak to the children at the point.


Reading task- nice and easy today. Take out your high frequency words sheet that you would have read in week one and see how many more you know now after a week or so of practising them. Mark them in a different colour if you can to see your progress!


Writing task- Step into your garden/yard or somewhere close to your house for a few minutes. Use your senses- your eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, hand to touch…what can you see/hear/smell/ touch in the outdoors? I went outside this morning and I could smell Spring flowers beginning to grow in my garden. I could see a quiet street but my neighbours were getting some fresh air and tidying their garden. It was lovely.


Maths task- Gather items around your house make a repeated pattern. It could be fork, spoon, plate, fork, spoon, plate or even cushion cushion, shoe, cushion, cushion, shoe! Be imaginative and remember a repeated pattern must be the same over and over again. If you manage this you could push yourself and complete a symmetrical pattern like a butterfly. Making sure it’s like you have a mirror in the middle and both sides are identical!


Afternoon task- relax this afternoon, play some calming music and complete a mindfulness colouring sheet. There are lots of little dainty delicate sections so ensure that you colour carefully inside the lines, take some time to be calm and quiet and concentrate hard to ensure no two colours meet.


Today is quite a calming day for learning. Take some time to relax with loved ones, watch a nice film and chat about your favourite home learning so far.

Tuesday 31st March Home Learning 


Happy Tuesday to all. Thanks again for the super contact that you are keeping with myself and Miss Davies. We are missing you all lots as every day goes by and we are just hoping that we won’t be apart for much longer. Whilst we are though please do keep the emails coming. We aren’t just there to support you but it is so important for us to know that you are all ok, well and happy. You will never know how much we miss you. We will be sending Purple Mash log ins that are individual to each child. This is not extra work that you are expected to do but it is a super website that you might want to look at and have a go at each day.

In the meantime…here are your tasks from your learning packs today.Love and hugs xxx


Reading task- Read the attached PowerPoint about the Easter story. Discuss that different religions practise different traditions and celebrate different things and that Easter is a celebration in Christianity.  There are then four pictures to sort, you can cut and sequence them or number them in the correct order.


Writing task- Use your afternoon task of making an Easter card from yesterday. Think about who you would like to send the card to and write To…… Happy Easter or Happy Spring time, lots of love from….


Maths task- complete the doubling dominoes work sheet. Encourage your child to use objects to help if required and inform them that to double means to add the same number twice together. So double 3 is 3+3=6 double three is six. Double 5 is 5+5=10, double five is ten. The children need to draw the same amount of spots onto the blank side of the domino. Ensure that both sides of the domino look the same and then count them together to find the double.


Afternoon task- Encourage children to use different junk from your house, any empty packages, tubes, toilet rolls etc. and join together using string/sellotape etc. to make a musical instrument. We had a go in school and used different objects that would make a noise e.g. rice in a bottle. Think about what noise your instrument makes and have fun!



Have a lovely day

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart



Monday 30th March- Home Learning:


We hope you had a lovely weekend together as a family, I know you cannot get out and about but we hope it was full of smiles and special time with your family. I know your children will be asking to do lots of things but I saw a nice idea where the children put the ides of what they want to do onto paper and put into a jar, when we can go out again you pull a piece of paper out and do what the idea is. 

This week we would have been learning about Easter so that will be the focus of this weeks home learning. 

Reading Task: Today we would like the children to access this is a website with lots of reading games on which we use at school, the children are to go onto phase 3 and the can complete whatever games they wish. Phonics play is free at the moment so you can access all games, below is the details for you to access it for free.

Writing Task: We know it wouldn't have been a very busy weekend as it normally would be but we would still like the children to write about their weekend and what they have done, the children should be writing independently using the sound mat and memory word mat to support them. Again please encourage your child to write pre-cursively using the prompt from your pack, some of the children should also be using finger spaces and full stops independently. 


Maths Task: We have done a lot about time at school and most of the children are confident with o'clock and half past, below is an interactive exercise for you to use first to remind your child before doing the worksheet in the pack which is below.

Afternoon Task: We would normally be making an Easter card if we were at school so that is what we would like you to do using what ever you have available at home, I have attached some ideas for you below.


Please remember your family project and you can choose any questions and task at any time, as you are all spending so much time together it is nice for you to work together and for your child to find out things they never knew about you smiley

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon are both working at home a lot this week so we are available for emails if you need anything but please send your child's work to us, it is helping us get through this uncertain time and putting bug smiles on our face. We will be ringing you all on Wednesday just to make sure you are all okay!

Lots of Love, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Friday 25th March Home Learning


Week one almost complete! It has been delightful to speak to you all via email and over the phone. You have all really worked hard and we never thought we could be any prouder of you than when you came to school each day, but you have really shone this week and you continue to show us every one of our school values. Courage, determination, excellence, friendship, respect, equality and most of all, you have been our inspiration…so well done to each and every one of you, keep it up our beautiful Ducks.


Reading task- Ask your child to choose one of the two reading books that were given to them. Encourage them to read the book out loud, using their phonics knowledge, blending each word and recognising the memory words. Once read, turn to the back of the book. You will find a section of comprehension questions. Ask the children those questions and jot down their answers. They might be for example, ‘what other words can you find that start with the letter…’ or ‘IS Nan pleased with Sid at the end of the story? Why?’ Encourage the children to be as descriptive as possible with their answers.


Writing task- Once you have read your reading book, whether it is real (nonfiction) or a story (fiction) ask the children to use the reading book page border to write about their story. Write the title of your book and use sound mats to segment to spell words to describe what happens in the beginning, middle or end. If it is a nonfiction text then they can write what information the book gives us.




Maths task- Looking at your subtraction by number lone work sheet, start on the first number and count backwards the second number for example   5-3=

Start on 5 and count back 3… you will land on the number 2.


Afternoon task- On this beautiful sunny day go into your garden and do some running, jumping, hopping, skipping. Use a ball if you have one to throw and catch for half an hour. Make sure your heart is beating faster and discuss why it is good for you to exercise. Don’t forget to take some photographs if you can.

Take care and have a lovely day

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon

Thursday 26th March Home Learning


Well our little superstars Day 4 is here already and we cannot honestly tell you all how proud we are. Some of the home learning that is being sent to us via email is just sensational...make sure you aren't letting your grown ups show off and do it for you wink but please Mums and Dads keep the home learning work, messages and photographs coming. We don't just appreciate the work you are doing with your children but also we miss you all so much and its important to us that we know that you are all happy, healthy and safe. Please email us and send your work and photographs to


Reading task- please ask your children to complete the word search. The words are hidden inside the square and children will need to use their pencil to circle the words that they find. Words can be written across, down, forwards, backwards and keep your eyes peeled for the first letter and have a look if the next letter is next in the grid. Encourage your child to read the word that they need to find first to really practise their blending to read. 


Writing task- We are all so well trained and super at washing our hands now so we thought it would be nice to have a go at writing the instructions so that we can share our knowledge with others. Think about what you need to do first, next, after, then and last and use these words in your writing if you can

Example... 'First put your hands under the tap'. There are some pictures to help you to see what order is correct and their are key words to help you but, as always, use your phonics knowledge to spell the word exactly how it sounds. 


Maths task- Encourage your child to go around the home indoors and outdoors in the garden to identify and sort objects that are light and heavy. Talk about comparing the light objects to use vocabulary such as lighter and which is the 'lightest', and do the same for the heavier objects, ensuring they aren't too heavy...we don't want to encourage picking up super heavy objects. The sorting chart can be used to either stick pictures or to write or draw the objects that you find. Be imaginative and please feel free to write down some of the language and vocabulary that the children are using.


Afternoon task- Use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer to research life cycles.All living things have a life cycle. The children are most familiar with the life cycle of a chicken, a frog and a butterfly but please think outside the box to look for plants, humans and any other animal you can think of. Ask the children to use the sound mats to help them to write what they can. This could be a label, some captions or full sentences, encouraging finger spaces in between each word and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 

Keep up the good work, and always remember to keep in touch. Any queries or worries, please don't hesitate to email.

Stay happy, our thoughts are with you all,

Miss Davies and Miss Newbon xx



Life cycle of a frog PowerPoint presentation

Wednesday 24th March: Home Learning


Happy Wednesday our little darlings, we hope you have enjoyed some sunshine yesterday and have enjoyed your home learning tasks, please keep us updated with what you are doing it home it really does make us smile to see you learning. 


Reading Task: To read the captions and to then match them to the correct picture, the children should be reading these captions independently The sheet we are referring to is below:

Writing Task: To use the stimulus sheet to write about what they can see and what happens at school. The children should be writing with their pre-cursive writing and focusing on handwriting and presentation. Allow the children to use their sound mat to help them as they spell , please encourage the children to work independently and help them when they need it. 

Maths Task: Use the elephant sheet, each colour represents a number, get your child to work on the sum they can do this with objects if they need to or use the counting on method. Please allow your child to do this independently and let them tell you the answer before they colour in. 

Afternoon Task: Today is time to be creative, your child can make a butterfly they can make this however they want, I will put some ideas below for you to use.


We are missing you all ever so much and school is very quiet without you, we hope you are all okay and enjoying your home learning tasks, we certainly are here at school. Again if you do need anything then please get in contact with us, as always sending you lots of love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart

Tuesday 24th March 2020 Home Learning

Hello all, we hope that yesterday was great fun for you and you enjoyed the tasks set. The learning prompts are there to help you and you should not feel worried about anything asked of you. 

We hope that you had time to play indoors and even had some time outdoors in your garden getting some fresh air.


Today please see your tasks for the morning and afternoon but please ensure that you are again enjoying your time with loved ones, watching a nice film together, playing with toys and finding exciting things to do with your grown ups in your house.


Reading task- using the book page border paper, please ask your child to write about their favourite story. They need to say what happens in the story and their favourite part. Use the letter formation prompts provided in your packs to practise your pre-cursive handwriting and to help with spelling, please use the sound mats provided in the pack. 

Writing task- using your garden designs from yesterdays learning task, please label the parts of your garden using the sound mat inside your pack to help you to segment to spell the words correctly. For example if your garden has a shed, segment sh e d to spell shed. Label as many parts of the garden as you can. 


Maths task- Please find 3D shapes in and around your house. The children need to use the 3D sheet provided in the pack to tally how many of each shape they can find. If you would like to take photographs of your child on their shape hunt then please do. We have attached a 3D shape information power point underneath for you to use.


Afternoon task- please encourage your child to help you make lunch. Think about what is healthy and remember safety first. Ensure your child washes their hands (they know the correct way to do this now following the 20 second rule) and talk through using tools and how they may be sharp. Enjoy this and please take photographs for their learning journey. 


Please remember that we are online all day to help you. If your child has siblings, please encourage them to begin their 'family project' all together as they can help and support each other. Take regular breaks and don't expect children to work for 6 hours per day as this is not necessary. Make sure you are having fun and remember that play is so important. Encourage fresh air, laughter and practical activities. Take care, stay safe and have a lovely day. Missing you as always

Miss Davies and MIss Newbon


Monday 23rd March 2020- Home Learning:


Happy Monday to all who are at home today, it is very strange to not see all of our ducks faces as normal and it will take some getting used to. But we can all do this together by helping each other, so if you do need us then please get into contact smiley

From your learning packs we would like you to do the following:

Reading Task: Using the high frequency word sheet mark off which words your child can read without segmenting and blending, then continue to practise the words they are struggling with for the rest of the week. A nice idea is to write the words on pieces of paper and put them around the house so your child can read them frequently. Below is the high frequency words we are referring to.


Writing Task: Two sheets are attached the children are to write five rhyming words for each word, we would like these words to be real words but if the children are struggling and think of fake words that is okay too. Please remind your child to write pre-cursively and use the sheet attached at the front of the home learning pack to support them a long with their sound mat to help them with spelling if needed. Again below is the rhyming sheet the children should be using.

Maths Task: We would like your children to write their numbers 1-20 using the square paper provided, if you want to practise before hand then that is fine. The children should write one number in each square, if they write a number in correct then please correct them and get them to re-write, you then know which numbers your child needs to continue to practise. 


Afternoon Task: We would like your child to design your garden, they can either exactly copy your garden or re-design it, that is completely up to them, we do love lots of imagination! We would really like the children to take their time and pride into their work and be as neat and as well presented as possible. Below is the design your garden sheet which is attached in your learning pack.


We will remind  you that your child's curriculum is play based and if they were attending school today then would be accessing play activities as normal so please encourage play, it is the best way for your child to learn laugh Also please remember your family project but we know today may have been a tough day with different routines but you are all doing great and would love to see what you are doing at home!

We will speak to you tomorrow and will show you what some of your friends are doing at school with us, keep safe, keep washing your hands and keep smiling. 

-Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x 

Friday 19th March 2020- Home Learning:


Hello our lovely ducks at home, we are missing you lots but hope you are all keeping safe and are all okay. We hope you all enjoyed doing yesterdays learning and feel confident in what you are doing. Today in school we have our assembly and PE, so we would like the children to be active as much as possible so if your child is feeling up to it then please encourage them to go into the garden and complete thirty minutes of exercise, this can be anything such as running, football etc... Please talk to your children about how they body feels before and after exercise and why exercise is so important.

Reading Task: Please let your child read their reading book to you, either in the first inside page or the last inside page will be several questions for your child to answer which we allow you to see if they understand what they have read.


Writing Task: It is Mother's Day on Sunday so the children are going to be discussing why they love their Mum and what things do they do for them. We would love for you to write down why you love your Mum and what they do for you and why they are so important. Below is a sheet you can write this on if you are able to print, if not then any piece of paper is fine. 


Maths Task: Can your child practise writing their numbers 1-20, some can do so independently and some will need support so please act accordingly. Please correct where needed and get the children to re write numbers they are finding difficult. 

Again please contact us if you need anything, we are always available if you need anything, no question is too small.

From Monday we will be putting our work we sent home in our Home Learning packs online and giving you more support and prompts to help. Please look at our useful website and prompt pages to help support our child at home. 

Lots of Love Miss Davies and Miss Newbon x

Thursday 19th March 2020- Home Learning:


We will be sending home a reading, writing and maths activity each day for children who are currently at home self isolating, we would appreciate if your child practises their letter and number formation, reads their reading book or you read to them, practises their 2,5,10s and goes over all of their phase 2 and phase 3 sounds and memory words everyday. Find the links for our jolly phonics sounds and memory words below:

Jolly phonics songs:

Memory Words:


This week we have been learning about life cycles in a particular the life cycle of a butterfly, we would like you to read the document attached below to explain the life cycle to your child. We also looked at the metamorphosis of a butterfly on you tube which is a really good visual to use, again explain this is not in real life time but much faster, here is the link we used:

Writing Task: Once your child understands the cycle we would like them to draw it and then label it, there is an example below:


Reading Task: We would like your child to go onto the website and select the phase 3 option, there are many free games for your child to access which will develop their reading skills.


Maths Task: Attached below is several subtraction sums for the children to complete, depending on your child's ability they can either use objects or the counting back method to find the answers.

If you need any support then please use the contact button on the previous page, We are always available for any questions you have smiley


Please also remember your child's current curriculum is play based so they still need to be developing their skills through play such as construction, role play and water play. We would love to see photographs and any notes you have made about your child's fabulous learning. 


Keep safe and we are sending you lots of love, Miss Davies and Miss Newbon heart