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How do I log in? 

To log in to purple mash you need to click the following link

You will then need your child's login and password (if you do not have this please email the class teacher) 

How do I access learning? 

Learning can be set in different ways for your child.  Your class teacher may set tasks for your child to do.  

The home page will look like this: 

From here your child can access their 2Dos, their work, and other games and learning.  


When you click the 2Dos icon you will see a list of learning that has been set. 


Or your child can access other learning by clicking one of the icons on the home screen:


How to communicate with your class

On purple mash your teacher will set up a daily blog.  This is where your child can communicate safely with other children in the class and the class teacher. 

To access this you need to click on the 'sharing' icon, then shared blogs and then your class blog.  Here you will find the daily blog that you can reply to.