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Healthy Minds

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures for anything" - Irish proverb.

Here are some ideas to help you to unwind after a long day. Try a few and see if you notice a difference in how you sleep and how you feel the next day....

  • Do something that will make your sleep space more relaxing - tidy your bedroom, make your bed, open the windows for fresh air

  • Cuddle up with a book instead of the TV

  • Set a time to go to bed and stick to it!

  • If you are on a device before bed, turn down the screen brightness

  • Detox from technology at least an hour before bed - this means no TV, tablet or game station... switch off at least an hour before you plan to sleep

  • Finally, when you get into bed, visualise yourself somewhere calm and relaxing :) 

You are all Superheros!!

WOW! Can you believe the crazy weather we have had recently!! Some of you may not like the thunder and lightening - but I find the different sounds of nature are really calming - knowing I'm safe indoors. Take a look out of the window tonight - watch the flashes of light and thunderous booms..... count how many seconds between each flash or simply relax and listen. A great way to help you unwind :yes

Wellbeing Calendar - try something new each day!

Wellbeing games to try :)

As the Greatest Showman quotes:

To our Waterbabies. We are all missing you dearly and hope you are keeping happy. I've put up a few links for you to click on and have shared a few ideas to keep you busy and boredom free (after you have completed your school work of course! smiley). Take a look and send me some pics of your happy, smiley faces. I will keep adding new activities each day. Stay safe and see you soon

Mrs Mason xx



5 ways to wellbeing - (keeping ourselves happy)

Add these feel-good/ happy songs to your playlist....

Have a go at baking these cookies with a grown up :)