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FS2 Bubble- Miss Newbon


Welcome to our bubble!


Our FS2 bubble is ran by teachers Miss Newbon and Miss Mayer. We are based in the Kingfishers classroom at the end of the bottom corridor and we LOVE it. As it stands there are 10 of us with a couple more of you ready to join us next week.

In our bubble we use the home learning packs the same as the children who are learning from home, but we integrate

that with child interest. It is so important that the 'change' in school is a good, happy and exciting one. 

We follow a timetable to ensure some structure to our school day and we are taking this opportunity to get Year One ready by following a similar structure to Key Stage One. However we still have lots of independent provision learning and time for play, as we know that this is still fundamental to the Early Years Curriculum. 

Each day when we arrive in school, we wash our hands straight away. We are all given our own space to learn, which is separate to each other but not far away enough to be scary and daunting. We have our very own 'packs' which we all LOVE and this includes our own scissors, glue and colouring crayons-plus everything we need to do our very best in our learning, without sharing resources.

During play and independent learning in the provision, we only play with toys or use resources that can be cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant after each session. We then wash our hands following government guidelines. At any time of the day where we wish to visit the bathroom, this is absolutely fine, ensuring distancing throughout and ensuring we are clean and healthy all day.

 During lunch time, we wash our hands and sit in our own bubbles, we never cross over with any other bubble at all throughout the day. We sit together but remain distanced at all times, whether its walking to lunch or eating our food. We then wash our hands again and go to play with Miss Mayer in our own bubble, in our own area of the playground. 

Its very exciting in our bubble. We stay together, play together, learn together and we know we are in this together. We are very grown up about keeping clean and staying distanced but we do know our grown ups are there for us at all times and if we are upset or worried, they do everything they can to reassure us and to stop us from being sad.




So what does our FS2 bubble look like??








Miss Newbon and Miss Mayer FS2 bubble