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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to your home learning for Friday 8th January!

Well, what a week it has been! Well done to all of you who have sent in your work to your teachers. We absolutely love seeing your work and being able to communicate with you so keep it up! We are missing you so much in school and we cannot wait until we are all back together.


To start your day, you are going to complete a spellings task where you will be finding the root word from a list of spelling words. 

Can you remember what a root word is?




Next, it is time for Reading Skills :-)





The Swimming Pool text and questions

Year 6 Reading skills-Friday 8th January 2021

We are now going to move on to our Reading into Writing lesson where you will be re-reading Chapter 2 so you have a secure understanding of the first two chapters of War Horse. Today, you will be focussing on Inference and Predict questions.

Don't forget, you can also listen to the chapters being read to you on the video below!









In English today, you will be using modal verbs to show possibility. You will then be able to use modal verbs in paragraph 3 of your persuasive speech! Watch the video below to support you.

Year 6 English-Friday 8th January 2021

Time for a break! Make sure you take time away from any electrical devices so you are giving not only your brain a break, but your eyes too!

Remember to keep hydrated by having a drink and a healthy snack too!


After your 15 minutes break, it is now time for Maths.

In today's Maths lesson, you will be learning about multiplying decimals by integers (remember integers mean whole numbers!)

Watch the video below and then complete the work. Remember to complete the problem solving and reasoning questions too, these will really push that deeper thinking.




- YouTube

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Arithmetic time!

Today you will be completing 10 mixed questions with a range of arithmetic skills.

Good luck!




What are you having today for your lunch? I hope it is something tasty! 

Remember to take time away from your work area and enjoy your break :-)



You are now going to spend 15 minutes after you have finished your lunch by choosing a couple of mindfulness tasks from below. 

Remember that this is your time to relax, refresh and recharge your brains. You have had a busy week with lots of information both in and out of school, remember to look after yourself.



This afternoon is your PE time.

To warm up, you have 8 workouts to complete and you have 1 minute for each one. Remember, you are warming up your bodies so make sure your heart is beating fast by the end of them. If it isn't and you don't feel any warmer, do them all again!






Now you are warmed up, have a go at as many of the themed HIIT workouts below.

My favourite are the Harry Potter themed ones!




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To end your day, listen to the story 'The Bear and the Piano' read by Miss Vaughan!


Well done on a week full of lots of changes, you have all been superstars and we are so proud of you.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Joinson, Mrs Lawton, Miss Davies-Moore & Miss Vaughan.

- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.