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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 5th February

Today, we are going to do something a little different. To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week, we are going to have a mostly screen-free day. Today, you will have live registers and your teachers may be calling you TEAMS for wellbeing check-ins. But, we will not have live English and Maths lessons. We want you to EXPRESS YOURSELF! 


To keep ourselves mentally well, we can follow these five main ideas. Today, your challenge is to complete two tasks for each of the five ways to thrive. We want to see photos of the most creative ways to express yourself. 




Our first challenge is to connect. To do this, we are going to play some social games in our morning register. Join on TEAMs and follow the instructions set by your teacher. 

Your challenges to CONNECT. Choose 1 and send us a photo of you doing this:

  • Phone a relative or friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Talk kindly to them and ask them how they are feeling.
  • Write a letter to someone you are missing seeing. Tell them how brilliant they are and what you will do together when you re-connect. 


Keep learning


For 'Keep Learning', we are going to have a genius hour. This is your chance to choose a topic that you have always wanted to explore further but have never had time or chance. Please message your teacher with the topic you have chosen by 9:30am. Stuck for ideas? See the ideas below:

  • Viking writing (runes)
  • Spanish language and culture
  • How codes work to instruct computers
  • What is Chemistry? How does it help us in daily life.
  • Greek Mythology


Once you have decided your topic of choice and it has been approved by your teacher, you need to research your topic and become a genius. We want you to express your learning in any way you see fit. This could be a poster, physical model, piece of writing or double page spread. We can't wait to see what you create. 




Our next challenge is Give. For this activity we want you to give something to those you live with. You could give your words, time or make something to give. We need to see 2 photos of your giving with an explanation of what you are doing and why.

Below are some ideas: 

  • Go and help a younger sibling with their learning-Give your time
  • Make a cup of tea for a parent/carer. Be careful an ask permission. Sit with them and have a chat when they have got time.
  • Make a card for someone in your family to tell them how much you appreciate them and what they do for you.


Take notice


Taking notice is all about seeing the world in a different way/ appreciating what you have and noticing the beauty in little things. Choose two of the activities below to 'Take notice':


Observational drawing – choose everyday, natural objects (e.g. fruit, leaves etc.). Touch and smell these before arranging them into your own compositions and drawing them, focusing on the small details.

How can we take notice in our daily lives? Create a senses map of the things around your house/classroom.


Once you are done, complete the mindfulness activities below to take notice of your environment:




Teen Mindfulness Meditation

This is a simple meditation that focuses on the breath.

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Be Active


What do people look like when they express feelings? What do people look like when they are happy/confident? Create a freeze frame for each emotion, what do they notice?​ Sad, scared, unsure, nervous? Freeze frame in physical positions and take photos.​​​​​​

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For story time today, we want you to learn a little more about Mental Health. Watch both videos below about what Mental Health is and how we can help ourselves stay healthy.





We All Have Mental Health

Download the accompanying teacher toolkit from It's free!We All Have Mental Health is an animation designed to give yo...

We really hope you have enjoyed your screen-free day to celebrate Children's Mental Health Day 2021. Please remember you must send at least 6 pictures in our your activities from today. We can't wait to see your wonderful photos!