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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 5th February 2021




We have made it through another week of home learning, only one more to go until half term! You have, once again, worked your socks off this week and we are super proud of you! 


Today is going to be slightly different. As you will know, this week is children's mental health week with the theme 'express yourself' so we are having a day all about expressing ourselves. You will find below all of your activities and then this afternoon we are encouraging 'screen free' time. All of your afternoon activities will be away from your device! 








English Lesson

Maths - Seahorse class, we are slightly different to Turtle class today.



Today in maths your are expressing yourself through numbers! We want to see the most creative ways!

Maths Lesson

Reading Skills Lesson


Your afternoon today is going to continue with looking at how to express yourself. 
There are multiple activities to choose from. 
We would like you to do at least 2, but you can choose to do more if you want to!


Activity 1 - an expressive portrait. Download the outline of a face below. Split it up into lots of sections and colour it in using different colours, different mediums, different patterns! Anything that expresses who you are as a person!


Activity 2 - music and dance! Send us a video of you dancing to your favourite song! Tell us why it is your favourite!


Activity 3 - What I am proud of! Download the trophy sheet. Draw a picture of yourself and then inside the trophy write all of the things you are proud of!


Activity 4 - Design your very own outfit. Make sure it expresses you as a person/your personality! It can have odd socks, an inside out jumper, rainbow coloured scarf! Absolutely anything, just design what you think would express yourself!


Activity 5 - The Squiggle game! Watch the video below and express yourself through a squiggle!

The Squiggle Game - Children's Mental Health Week 2021