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We ended the school year last year with 96.8% Attendance! Our aim for 97% this year

Friday 4th December 2020


Good morning Year 6!

We hope you are keeping well and getting on with your home learning okay. Please keep sending in your work to either myself or Miss Davies-Moore on Dojo or email (



As always on a Friday, you have your spelling test. So get yourself ready and watch the spelling test YouTube video below:

Y6 - Friday 4th December - Spelling Test

After your spelling test, we move on to Grammar. Today, you will be learning about compound and complex sentences which will again help you in your English work today too :-)

Your LbQ code is:


b b k


Today in English, you are looking at different clause structures and how using different length sentences can really improve your writing! 

Look at the flipchart below for examples of different length sentences and use the structure to carry on writing your middle section of your third person narrative. We would like you to be as independent as possible today, use the prompts that are there for you and show us how amazing you are!









Next, it is your Reading lesson and today you will be watching a brand new Christmas Advert to answer a new set of questions on. 

Please watch the Advert first, then answer the questions. Only complete questions 1-12 please :-)


A Sausage CaRoll | Walkers Christmas Advert 2020 | Walkers Crisps

Watch as LadBaby and a few special guests spread the word about the power of sausage rolls! Our brand new flavour helping to raise money for the Trussell Tru...


After your 15 minute break, it is time for Maths!

Now today, you will be consolidating all of your learning from this past week. Remember to use the prompts to help you, you can do it!








Now it is Arithmetic time and today you will be completing an Arithmetic SATs style paper.

Remember, you have 30 minutes to complete the test. Try to answer every single question, you're awesome and you can do it!

Good luck!


Hurray! It is now your favourite part of the week, PE time!

Today, you will be completing the long jump! 

Have fun and enjoy!

Don't forget to warm up AND cool down too!

Standing Long Jump

Standing Long Jump (7-11 Years)


Now moving on to music.

Today, we would like you to listen and discuss Motown music! 

Have a dance, it is Friday after all!


And that's a wrap for this week!

A huge well done to Stingrays who have completed their 2 week isolation today, enjoy the fresh air tomorrow, I know I will be!


Miss Davies-Moore will now be taking over here for Sharks as Stingrays return to school on Monday.


Keep up the super work Year 6, Miss Davies-Moore, Mr Johnson, Miss Vaughan, Mrs Lawton and I are beyond proud of you all. Well done superstars!