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Friday 27th November 2020


Good Morning smiley


This morning we will continue to practice our name. At Waterside, we like the children to be able to write pre-cursively and on the line. This will help the children with their handwriting. You can model their name and ask your child to copy over the letters, they may be able to copy underneath, or they may be able to write it independently. Every child is at a different stage in their writing and this is ok, we write to your child’s need. I have the pre-cursive letters under neither for any support. 

Remember our names start with a capital letter; this should be bigger than our other letters.  Do you have any ascenders or descenders in your name?




The last 2 weeks we have been learning all about autumn. What the weather is like, what animals do, how our environment changes and lot more. Today I have a power point attached that tests your autumn knowledge. On the PowerPoint, a spotlight shows you a little bit of the picture – you can move this around for more clues. Can you tell what the picture is? What autumn things will you find? For each picture, can you tell me something about it, why does it relate to autumn?


Phonics time smiley