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Friday 26th February


Happy Friday Reception! We have come to the end of our first week back at school. It has gone so fast and been such a busy week for us all. You have all been superstars this week and settled back into our routine easily. Miss Davies and I are super proud. Keep up all of the good work and we hope to see you very soon.



Today is Miss Mayer’s favourite day, it’s Friday J  What is your favourite day of the week and why? How many days are in a week? How many of these days do we go to school? How many days do we have for the weekend?

What month are we in? What season are we in?



Today for your morning starter we would like you to choose a book on Bug club or a book you have at home and read to your adult. Are the children recognising the phase 3/2 sounds and blending the words to read? Can they spot the memory words in the sentences? We are half way through reception and we are super impressed with their reading and hope you are practicing reading daily.

Before you start reading ask your child questions about the book. What is the title? What is an Author, the blurb? What do we call the pictures in a book? From the front cover can you tell me what you think the book will be about?


Now we would like you to move onto your phonics task.  J