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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 22nd January 2021

Happy Friday everyone! You have made it to the end of another week of home learning and we are so proud of the work you are producing! Please keep it up next week! 


Your final register question of the week is: would you rather live in the sky or under the sea?

Let us know by 9.30am! 



Your final exercise to wake up to this week is below! 

Hola, Bonjour, HELLO!


Your SPaG for today is some riddles. You need to work them out using your knowledge of

homophones to help you!


All you need to do is copy out the riddle sentence from each page but make sure you include the missing homophones!


English today is all about adverbs! You are amazing at using these in your writing now so we can't wait to see the work you produce today. 


Don't forget to send it straight to us as soon as you have completed it!

Here is your final arithmetic challenge of the week!


Your final maths challenge of the week! Use what you learnt yesterday and watch the video with Mrs Edwards below to help you complete your challenge! 

Remember you should complete these independently!

Maths Lesson


Lunch time! Make sure you have a 45 minute break now, have some lunch and a drink and relax before your afternoon activities!


Your final register question of the week is: what is your favourite time of day?

Remember to reply before 1.30pm!




Here is today's VIPERS reading challenge! 

Watch the video to help you!


Reading Skills Lesson

Here is today's purple mash challenge! Have a go, we know lots of you are really enjoying these typing challenges!! 


Make sure you 'hand in' when you are finished so we can see who has completed the tasks!


Here is your final wellbeing activity of the week!

Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble