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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 22nd January

Good morning Year 6! We have made it to Friday and have had such a brilliant week already-Let's continue the great work!

We are starting with Spelling today. Take a look at the Spelling Test video below and remember to send a picture with your score to your teachers!

Year 6 - Friday 22nd January - Spelling Test

Next up is Reading Skills. We are practising our mixed VIPERS skills.


Year 6 Reading Friday 22nd January


In writing, we are writing a discursive argument on the question 'Should animals go to war?'. 

Watch the video and then complete your task.

Year 6 English Friday 22nd January

Breaktime challenge: How many moving objects can you spot around your house?


For Maths today, we are going to begin finding percentages of amounts.

Watch the learning video below and then complete the tasks.

Year 6 - Friday 22nd January - Maths


Today, you are going to be adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and mixed numbers.

Watch the learning video below and complete the questions :-)


Year 6 - Friday 22nd January - Arithmetic

Remember to take some time away from your screen whilst you eat and relax. 



Today, let's watch a video about our feelings and emotions.

Tony has fallen head over heels for Brenda, a girl from school.Unknown to his friends he decides to make a serious declaration of his feelings so that Brenda...


Today, your challenge is to create a skyline from what you can see out of your window. Perhaps your view looks a little like New York with lots of buildings OR maybe you live in a more rural place with trees and fields all around. 

We can't wait to see your sketches of a view from your window.