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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 20th November 2020


Happy, happy Friday everyone! laugh Just one day of learning at home and it is the weekend. 

Just like yesterday we would like the children to practise their name writing and pre cursive handwriting again letters should also be formed on a line as each letter begins on the line in one fluid motion. If your child is finding it difficult then they can copy over you letters first, they may make it easier. As always each child is different so let your child write to their need. Any support you need please just ask. If you need to use the video from yesterday then please do, the pre cursive letters are below:


Now its our morning routine smiley

Can your child say what day it is today? Do they know what day it is tomorrow? Ask your child what days are in week and which are in the weekend and how many days do we have in the week? If your child is struggling to discuss the days of the week then again refer to yesterdays video. 

I cannot believe the next time I will see you all we will be in a new month! I do not know where this year has gone! We have done some work on the months of the year so continue practise this with the children. Do they know which months Autumn happens in?

What is the weather like today? What clothes would you wear today if you were outside? Why is it important to wear those clothes and not others ones such as those you would wear in the summer? 

Now it is time for your phonics task smiley