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We ended the Autumn Term with 97.1% attendance

Friday 15th January 2021


Good morning Year 6 and happy Friday! 

We have made it to the end of another week of home learning, well done!

Once again, all of your teachers are super proud of you all. The work that we have been receiving has been brilliant, you are all truly wonderful!


To begin your Friday, you are going to spend 15 minutes on Spelling Shed to practise your weekly spellings. After you have finished, watch the video below for your spelling test. Remember to send in your scores to your teacher! Good luck!


Year 6 - Week 17 - SPaG

Next up is Reading Skills.

Watch the learning video below and answer the questions.

Year 6 Reading Friday 15th January 2021

Time for Reading into Writing. Read Chapter two of War Horse and answer the Summarise question.





Next, watch the learning video below and complete the English task, publishing your awesome persuasive speeches!


- YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Break time! Make sure you take some time away from any screens, grab a snack and a drink. You may wish to have a run around your garden if you can!


After your 15 minute break, it is time for Maths :-)

We are continuing on from yesterday's lesson and continuing to convert fractions to decimals.

Watch the learning video below then answer the questions.

Year 6 - Friday 15th January - Maths

Now it is time for Arithmetic.

Just like we have been doing all week, we are answering mixed questions today.

Watch the learning video below then answer the questions. 

Year 6 - Week 17 - Arithmetic



Lunch time! I hope you are having a tasty lunch today. Don't forget to have a break away from any screens so you are giving your eyes and brain a break! Enjoy your 45 minutes of lunch time!



Mindfulness time!

Use the mindfulness doodling sheets to pause and focus on being in the moment by concentrating on one task. This is a fantastic way to help you relax. This activity also helps you develop your fine motor skills and pencil control in a way that isn't handwriting! Think about how you are going to add patterns and colour to your doodles, you may wish to use some of these suggestions:









This afternoon is your Art lesson. 

Last week you completed city skylines and they were amazing!

This week you are going to be creating American landscapes!

Ansel Adams is considered to be one of the greatest American photographers! He mostly made black and white photographs as he thought that colour could distract him.

Take a look at some of his artwork below:





Now, look at the photos below at all of the different landscapes, they're beautiful!

Your task today is to create your own American landscape.

You can sketch, paint, or even create a collage of of a mixture of different landscapes!

Be creative and enjoy!





Landscape Picturepack

To finish off another super day of learning, listen to the story below, 'Here Comes the Garbage Barge'.

Well done on a fantastic week Year 6!

Enjoy your weekend!

Here Comes the Garbage Barge read by Justin Theroux

Here Comes the Garbage Barge is written by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Red Nose Studio and read by Justin Theroux.Before everyone recycled...there was a town ...